Xiaomi Sothing Zero-S 3 in 1 Multifunctional Smart Sensor Flash Night Light offered for $14.99(COUPON)

Sothing is another subsidiary of Xiaomi, which manages to make me like it immediately, since this  is a really nice night light, which you can get and cuddle and it can also accompany you on your walk to the refrigerator.

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Price without coupon: $19.99
Coupon Code [$14.99]: BGSOTHING25

Its base allows it to stand either upright or hanging on the wall, as you can stick the base where you want it with the built-in 3M sticker with the light being held at the base with the help of magnets.

On the light you will find a motion sensor, which if you want you can activate to automatically activate the light when you pass by it at night, while if you want you have the option to stay on, or completely off, and turn it on only manually.

The 500mAh battery can give the Sothing Zero-S LED 1W several hours of operation, with charging via MicroUSB. its really made easy.

Sothing’s light comes with wood trim in 2 different colors, the lightest brown, and the classic dark brown wood, to choose the one you prefer.

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Where to buy The XIAOMI Sothing Zero-S 3 in 1 Multifunctional Flash Night Light)

The Xiaomi Sothing Zero-S 3 in 1 Multifunctional Flash Night Light is available on Banggood for just $14.99(coupon)


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