Buy LANKELEISI XT750 Folding Electric Bike For Just $1,209.99 (Coupon Deal)

This folding bike from Lankeleisi has a unique technology than the one on the market. LANKELEISI XT750 Folding Electric Bike makes you still get the fitness benefits of cycling. Carrying the concept of hybrid, electric technology makes you not tired and easier when riding Lankeleisi XT750 while the bike continues to run fast to 30 km per hour. Now unique, this bike can be folded too. So it’s very easy for you if you want to take it by car.

Coupon Code: GKB483S

This LANKELEISI XT750 Folding Electric Bike has a larger tire diameter than other brands of electric bikes such as the Xiaomi Qi Cycle. A larger size will make the bike more stable when walking in a bumpy area. The appearance also looks more sporty. Now, this bike is getting cooler with front and rear fenders. This bike is increasingly sophisticated with the presence of headlights like a motorcycle. Cycling at night certainly no need to worry any more Fear of the dark. This electric bicycle has a quality frame made of aluminum alloy. This material is famous for being lightweight, sturdy, and not easy to rust. This material also makes the body of the bike so light but still sturdy and provides high stability when you drive it.

LANKELEISI XT750 has a 240w motor with a 36v battery which can charge in 5-7 hours. It can reach speeds of 25-35km/h. The pedal assist mode will last for 65-80km and in full-electric mode, it will last for 40-50km. It is suitable for adults measuring between 160 and 185cm. It has an aluminum alloy frame and fork and double mechanical disc brakes. This is a handy bike as you can not only get electric assistance if you get tired when cycling or need a bit of help up hills or when facing the wind.

LANKELEISI XT750 carries a special city bike model to make it easier for you to walk stably on the texture of paved roads that often have holes and “speed bumps”. Now, this bike adopts a folding design that is very easy for you to do yourself. This is an advantage when you bring this bicycle using a car or tie it on a motorcycle. Like a motorized vehicle, this bike also has a LED meter that displays information on mileage and vehicle speed as well as battery capacity. This bike is equipped with two disc brakes at the front and rear wheels which is certainly much safer than using one brake. Gear management is very easy and suits your needs in cycling, so you can pedal comfortably without caring about your travel terrain.

LANKELEISI XT750 Folding Electric Bike can also adopt electric tablets derived from motor engines in them. This machine will provide additional power when you bike. If this bike runs out of battery, there’s no need to worry. 2 notes & just like a bicycle in general. The Lankeleisi XT750 is equipped with a 10.4aH lithium battery pack. The battery is able to supply additional power with a single charger.

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Coupon Code: GKB483S

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