Ninebot E8 2.55Ah 200W Kids Folding Electric Scooter Offered for $339.99

Ninebot weeks ago released its first electric scooter for children, the E8. Aimed at 6-12-year-olds, it adds to the classic trigger acceleration an “assistance” mode. The latter lets the child jump at the foot, as with a traditional mechanical scooter. The engine then only intervenes to maintain the speed already acquired.

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On a technical level, the Ninebot E8 offers a 130W motor installed in the rear wheel, powered by a six-cell battery. It has a handle that controls the electromagnetic brake as well as a foot brake on the rear wheel, similar in principle to that which already equips the Ninebot ES2 intended for adults.

On the wheel side, Ninebot has chosen solid tires, probably to simplify maintenance. Comfort is reinforced by a small shock absorber located at the bottom of the steering column. The Ninebot E8 also has a unique folding system, which is supposed to fold the scooter with one hand. She finally accuses 8 kg on the scale.

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Buyers will have the choice between two colors: a blue scooter for boys and a dominant pink for girls, proof that gender stereotypes are still far from having disappeared! The Ninebot E8 is currently only available in a few Ninebot / Xiaomi stores in China and its international launch has not been mentioned.

With the exception of rare models such as the Micro Sparrow, the range of electric scooters for children remains mainly limited to private labels. The interest of a leading player like Ninebot may help to encourage vocations among specialized manufacturers.

Where To Buy The Ninebot E8 2.55Ah 200W Kids Folding Electric Scooter

The Ninebot E8 2.55Ah 200W Kids Folding Electric Scooter is currently available on Banggood for $

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