Xiaomi MI band 5 Pro arrives at FCC suggesting it could be arrive in US market

Now, Huami company has registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a fitness tracker (via Gadgets and Wearables) called Amazfit Band 5. After the Amazfit Band 5,  An Amazfit Band 6 device will surprisingly come to its FCC certification quickly. It is possible that “Amazfit Band 6” might be the US market name for the widely rumored Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Pro wearable.

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Features of Xiaomi MI band 5 Pro:

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 pro will be a pretty anticipated fitness tracker, and people have been waiting for a global launch. However, it seems the international version might have some cool features on the original device.

We currently know that the Amazfit Band 5 specifications. A waterproof AMOLED with full-touch display compatible brightness firstly you can find something bright according to need. Secondly Health and wellness tracking for automatic heart rating monitoring. And alerts to warn you when the heart rate is high. The last one is a 125-mAh battery for Up to 20 days of long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted performance, etc. the new Xiaomi MI band 5 Pro will look like the MI Band 5. The former is just released outside of China as the MI Smart Band 5. It seems possible that the Mi Smart Band 5 will re-nominated as the Amazfit Band 5 for the US market. Amazfit is a well-known brand in the United States.

Amazfit band 6

What is Amazfit Band 6, and why is it getting hot on the heel of its predecessor? The explanation seems that the Amazfit Band 6 will still be the unconfirmed MI Smart Band 5 Pro. Bringing additional technology items like a Spo2 monitor, NFC functionality, and virtual assistant integration to its wearers. The fact that the Huawei Amazfit Band 6 has just arrived at the FCC indirectly confirms the rumored Pro variant of the Mi Smart Band 5.


The Amazfit Band 6 appears next to nothing official about the device. Except for some official markings and a model number. However, the FCC’s appearance shortly after the Band 5 emphasizes the possibility that the two wearables are the “Mi Smart Band 5 Pro” and the MI Smart Band 5 disguised in the US market.

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