Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator Now Available at $268.79 (Pre-Sale)

Oxygen is the most indispensable for human survival, so everything related to oxygen is the top priority, so today I would like to introduce you to Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator home oxygen generator. Dedakj household oxygen generators are very famous, and are famous for their convenience, environmental protection, energy saving, and oxygen humidification cups. 

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator Specification:

Product Type: DDT-2A
Rated voltage: AC220V/110V
Input power: 230w
Net weight: 8kg
Oxygen production: PSA
Display control: LED touch screen
Control distance: 18 meters infrared control
Noise: ? 45db
Size: 404*182*383mm
Oxygen flow: 2L-9L / MIN
Display language: English operation interface

Why to equip with Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator?

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator uses the latest pressure swing adsorption air separation oxygen production technology. The leading R&D team has carefully researched and continuously practiced the complex industrial oxygen production technology to finally obtain high-concentration fresh oxygen by purifying, separating, sieving, and humidifying the air. This technology has won many national and international patents. And passed the relevant testing and certification of domestic and international authoritative institutions

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator


With the Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator, you can easily enjoy the healthy life brought by high-quality oxygen at home. Deda household oxygen generator is the first color household oxygen generator, which breaks the traditional design in appearance and adopts a fashionable design style, leading the technology of household oxygen generators in technology.

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

Working Principle

Dedakj DDT-2A household oxygen generator uses AC230V power source as the power source and air as raw material. At normal temperature, it uses the new pressure swing adsorption method (PSA method) to directly separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air. Take high-purity oxygen. Connect the oxygen generator to the humidified water tank (requires the injection of a proper amount of purified water) and an oxygen suction tube.

Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

Turn on the power and you can get high purity pure oxygen in 1-2 minutes. If necessary, Dedakj DDT-2A Oxygen Generator can continuously supply high-purity oxygen for a long time. Routine maintenance only requires regular cleaning of the humidified water tank. 

Simple operation and maintenance

Dedakj DDT-2A household oxygen generator comes integrated with oxygen supply. The oxygen generator overcomes the inconvenience of using an oxygen bag and the oxygen bottle needs to store oxygen first and then supply oxygen. It also eliminates the need to continuously put oxygen into the chemical oxygen generator. The trouble of the medicine, and the small size of the oxygen generator, easy to move, sufficient oxygen flow, can be used in places where there is electricity supply.

Where to buy DEDAKJ DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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