Chuwi Corebook Pro specs leaked before the launch (8000mAh Polymer Battery)

One of the all-new devices is going to be launched by the Chuwi company, the Chuwi Corebook Pro which will come with 2K HD and resolution up to 2560 ×1440.

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Features of Chuwi Corebook Pro:

Although the Chuwi Corebook Pro won’t be a gaming or original device, it’s still a web consulting and office automation machine as well as a multimedia station which will help for internet surfing quickly.


According to news, Its 14-inch screen with a thin border, and its 2560 × 1440 pixels 100% sRGB display for making its tiny portable cinema as entertainment.

If we talk about its weight which will come to 1.53 kg and 36.2 cm wide, 24.2 cm deep and 1.59 cm. No doubt, this device will earn high point because of its weight and size for carrying in any situation. Therefore, it is a 14-inch compact and light enough to move quickly.

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Chuwi Corebook Pro unboxing

On-board RAM is 8GB DDR4, which is a healthy amount for multi-tasking such as playing a game with audio songs. The 256 GB SSD in M2 SATA 3 format associated with another M2 slot for the possible development of storage. While, Random-access memory is sold, but the processor cannot handle more than 8 GB.


The Chuwi CoreBook Pro will come with 8000mAh Li-ion polymer battery which can allow 9 hours of patience for the machine.

A picture that may need to be moderated by practice with a 6 or 7-hour drop in video usage. WiFi MediL is a classic 802.11AC with a Bluetooth 4.0. for easy connectivity. In addition to the micro HDMI ports mentioned above, connectivity includes a minimum power jack port, a USB 2.0 Type-A, a USB 3.0 in a USB format, a microSDXC reader and a 3.5mm headphone and microphone.

Chuwi Corebook Pro Coupon

Chuwi Corebook Pro includes the classic Windows 10. Provided in English, you can easily convert it to French with a simple download of the language pack.

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