Utorch BW – 5 E27 Smart bulbs : With Scheduled operation, voice commands Offered for $8.99

The smart bulb is the best introduction for someone to the idea of a smart home. And we all know how awesome a smart home is.

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However, it comes with amazing features like Scheduled operation, voice commands, automation through applications to work with your other devices and many more tricks are available to make your life easier.

And since we’re talking about a cheap amount,, the Utorch lamp is cheap enough to replace all the “stupid” bulbs in your home, and like LEDs, it doesn’t burn anything.

You have a choice between 16,000,000 different colors, with a maximum brightness of 800 Lumens, while the Utorch lamp is also Dimable if you have a compatible switch.


The application that works with the supply lamps is Smart Life, through which they connect to Amazon Echo and Google Home if you want voice commands.

Where to buy  Smart bulbs : With Scheduled operation, voice commands

The Smart bulbs, With Scheduled operation, voice commands  available on Gearbest

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