Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector Now Available at $899.99

With the official start of the 6.18 event, various brands have offered their hidden big tricks, and Fengmi Technology is no exception. In the afternoon of May 25, “Move the theater home” FengOS strategy and new product launch conference, officially released the FengOS large-screen operating system, and released Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector equipped with FengOS and Fengmi 4K Pro Laser Projector two new products.   Fengmi Vogue Pro

Fengmi Vogue Pro Optical parameters

 Brightness: The brightness of Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector is 1600 ANSI lumens. This brightness can only be regarded as medium in the comparison of projection products of the same price. However, this 1600 ANSI lumens is completely real data according to the official, there is no false standard phenomenon.

Resolution: Projector Vogue Pro uses a 0.47DMD display chip with a standard resolution of 1080P and a maximum compatible resolution of 4K. Fengmi Vogue Pro Projection ratio: The projection ratio of Vogue Pro is 1.1: 1, and you can enjoy a 100-inch screen 2.5 meters away from the projection surface. At the same time, Fengmi Vogue Pro also has a stepless zoom function, which can perform 60% -100% zoom operation on the picture, which provides more choices for the placement of the projection.

Focus & keystone correction: Vogue Pro Projector added TOF focusing module and six-axis gyroscope to achieve sensorless focusing. However, in terms of keystone correction, although square keystone correction is supported, manual operation is required, and the experience is slightly worse than for projection products with automatic keystone correction.

Fengmi Vogue Pro Performance:

Processing chip: Amlogic T972 processing chip is used in Vogue Pro Projector, which guarantees an elegant experience throughout the process of running large-scale software and watching high-definition video.

Storage combination: Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector uses a 2G + 32G storage combination, which is quite satisfactory. 2G storage guarantees the operation of background programs, and 32G storage space allows users to download many software applications.

Operating system:

Fengmi Vogue Pro Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector operating system is FengOS. The biggest highlight is the use of a full-screen dynamic film background, which supports customized homepage content, which is the content when the screen is opened. To this end, Fengmi Technology has also created a brand new remote control for carrying FengOS devices, supporting one-touch direct function interface.

Fengmi Vogue Pro Interface 

Fengmi Vogue Pro Vogue Pro Projector has a relatively rich number of interfaces, including 2 USB2.0 interfaces, 1 HDMI interface, 1 headphone interface, 1 optical fiber interface and 1 network cable interface. Although the interface of Fengmi Vogue Pro is rich, the USB2.0 interface is inferior to USB3.0 in terms of transmission efficiency.

Other Features:

Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector supports far-field voice, and can connect with Xiaoai classmates to control the projection through voice to release the user’s hands. If there is no Xiaoai classmate, you need to use the remote control voice button to control. At the same time, the intelligent voice recognition function has been improved a lot, and some content that needs to be understood can also be recognized, such as “I want to watch the 2016 TV series” and “I want to watch Deng Chao’s wife’s movie”.

Where to buy Fengmi Vogue Pro projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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