Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike Now Available at $939.99

For folks, travelling and shopping can become a painful and tiring process. Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike is an easy-to-use electric bike that provides ‘ride’ functions. Through a clever ‘fold and store’ mechanism, you can easily fold and store it in trunk pf your car, as well as other environments. Its portability eliminates problems such as inconvenient traffic, parking and storage, thus creating a seamless user and transport experience.

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike

Higher performance

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike is a full-featured, very characteristic folding bike. The most prominent feature is that it is lightweight and foldable. Due to the lithium battery design, it has improved battery life while maintaining lightness. In addition, there are manpower mode, hybrid (power) mode, and pure electric mode. Don’t underestimate this hybrid mode, it is necessary to automatically recognize the pedaling strength and frequency of the foot, and output the corresponding power to match it. This requires the corresponding electronic control system and battery management system.

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike Features:

The process of unfolding the car rally feels like transformer steel. Cool appearance, bright black color scheme, 100% return rate when riding out. In particular, the position of the frame is also designed with a concealed buckle, which improves strength and safety. Its theoretical pure electric cruising range is 50 kilometers, and it can reach 90 kilometers in assist mode, with a maximum speed of 35 km/h and a maximum load of 100 kg.

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike  is suitable for three types of people: suitable for all groups of users; commuters and students who commute in the city To solve the rigid needs of the last mile, take it to take the subway, you can open the bike and go home when you get out of the station, and there is no pressure to travel on campus; ?Mainly short-distance travel in the city, taking care of leisure and exercise, and living on the floor Relatively high, to solve the problem of inconvenient storage of ordinary bicycles.

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike

The handlebars, frame, and pedals of this electric car are foldable, and the net weight is 19KG.  Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike can be carried with one hand without pressure. If you live in a residential building, the car can be brought upstairs when it is folded down directly after riding downstairs. This can solve the problem of “difficult parking” for many people.

Zhengbu Folding Electric Bike Where to buy?

Product is shipped from the EU warehouse of gearbest. Remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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