Deerma CM800 Anti-Dust Mite vacuum cleaner Available at $82.18

Deerma CM800 UV vacuum cleaner with compact, portable design makes it possible to clean dirt and disinfect optimal for items such as mattresses, sofas, etc. Therefore, this device Promise to be a product worth investing for every family.

Deerma CM800

Deerma CM800 Specs:

Trademark Deerma
Model CM800
Size 355 x 230 x 165mm
Weight 1.45 Kg
Shell material ABS plastic
Input voltage 220V – 50Hz
Wattage 450W
Gravity ? 13kPa
Noise level ? 75dB

Outstanding advantages of Deerma CM800 UV sterilizing vacuum cleaner

Deerma CM800 UV vacuum cleaner  possesses small size, strong operating capacity but the sound emitted is still quite quiet. In addition, the manufacturer also equipped with a UV light system to help eliminate and kill 99% of bacteria and dirt on all surfaces. Therefore, users absolutely can use this product peace of mind to be able to protect the health of themselves and their families in the best way.

Deerma CM800

Compact design, high mobility

Deerma CM800 UV sterilizer with compact size of only 355 x 230 x 165mm and light weight of 1.45kg. It allows users can easily put it in the suitcase and take it for use on travel or on business trips far. In addition, the product has an elegant color and a handle design with soft curves that allow users to easily hold and can operate with one hand control extremely convenient.

Deerma CM800

Deerma CM800 is also equipped with a 0.4L moderate-capacity dust box that can be easily removed and cleaned after each operation. The LED strip is designed on the front of the vacuum cleaner that helps users easily identify the dirt-staining surface, avoiding missing spaces that need cleaning.

Deerma CM800

Strong engine. Works with large capacity

Deerma CM800 bed vacuum cleaner owns a motor operating with a large capacity of 450W with strong suction power up to 13kPa . Specifically, the suction slot with super strong wind speed will help to remove bugs as well as dirt, hair not only on the surface but also deep into each fabric structure, even for thick cushions, the device will also work well and complete deep cleaning. In addition, the product is also equipped with HEPA filterwith a tornado tower structure for the ability to filter dust particles as small as 0.3 microns and including allergens.

Deerma CM800 Deerma CM800

Bactericidal effect up to 99%

One of the most remarkable features on  the Deerma CM800 vacuum cleaner  is its ability to kill all types of bacteria and dirt on the surface thoroughly, more effectively than conventional vacuum cleaners . Specifically, the device is equipped with a 55ºC hot PTC photovoltaic system with high-frequency vibration UV ( 8000 times / minute ) .This inhibit the growth of bacteria, fleas on each fabric fiber and quick drying of the surface, limiting bacterial growth at a later time.

Deerma CM800

In addition, Deerma CM800 183mm UV light system also forms a large area of ??filter light with the ability to emit a stable 253.7nm light source . This light source effectively emits UV rays to destroy the DNA of bacterial cells to inhibit the reproduction and complete elimination of 99% of bacteria on all surfaces.

Deerma CM800 Anti-Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner Where to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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