Autel EVO 2 Pro 6K Drone now available for just $1529.99 |Best Price

The Chinese manufacturer Autel Robotics has just launched the updated Pro edition of the EVO 2 drone. The Autel EVO 2 Pro Drone is a 6K aircraft with lots of modifications over the previous regular model. Currently, it is appearing on some online platforms like Dronenerds etc. for preorders for $1795. Today, we will check out features and specifications of the brand-new EVO 2 Pro drone.

When it comes to aerial photography, it has changed the picture thoroughly. The modern way of photo and videography amazes the enthusiasts at large to induce them to the deal. among others, Autel Robotics is also an experienced manufacturer of the drone industry, which is now all set to enhance your aerial photography experience. Let’s explore the EVO 2 Pro’s configurations.

Autel EVO 2 Pro Drone Features and Specifications:

Design and Build

Physically, the drone brings a slim and lightweight body approach and eye-catching build aesthetics. The producer has utilized the high-grade material to assemble the durable and elegant physique.

Autel EVO 2 Pro Hands on

On the front, the aircraft features the primary camera, whereas the sides have 2-2 arms to hold propulsions. Each propeller is a 2-wing setting, sit on the powerful motor. The main body is decorated with an orange colour, while the rest of the part is black-coloured.

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Autel EVO 2 Pro drone Camera

To capture exceptional low-light photography experience, the Drone has a 1-inch sensor with 6K resolution support. It further comes with adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11and inbuilt HDR bracketing. It is capable of shooting 6K videos with up to 30fps and 4K videos at 60fps resolution.

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Remote Controller

The drone provides the smart remote controller with inbuilt 3.3” OLED display. Hence, you don’t need your smartphone to control the drone. It also configures four hours of battery life to enables pilots to pack and fly on the go. Users will get extended 9km connection range in crowded urban and thick forest environments.

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In terms of power, EVO 2 Pro Drone installs the standard 7100 mAh rechargeable battery. It ensures 35 minutes of battery life at hover and 40 minutes in forward motion.

Obstacle Avoidance

With the help of 12 computer vision sensors and AI machine, the EVO 2 Pro provides omnidirectional protection. Ultimately, pilots will get a clear way to enjoy uninterrupted flights all the way. In others, the Autel EVO 2 Pro 6K drone can run at the maximum speed of 72 km/h.


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