Xiaomi TheOne TOK1 Smart Keyboard Light-Electric Organ: A Beginner Music Instrument Offered For $214.99

Xiaomi got a new product dedicated to music lovers and its name is TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano, and as the name suggests it is an electronic piano with smart functionality as it can connect with the application for smartphones and tablets. We already know that Xiaomi has a catalog full of products of great diversity since the company is not only dedicated to developing state-of-the-art smartphones but they are in charge of venturing into any kind of markets, and just yesterday the company revealed a new product: TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano.

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Price without coupon: $319.98 on Banggood
Coupon code ($287.99): BGAFF10OFF or bGhOnEy10

This innovative keyboard has a classic design but features the latest technological trends, it has a total of 67 keys, incorporating two speakers in its body of 10 watts located on each side of the keyboard, a microphone output and just Like the Xiaomi Populele guitar, TheOne piano also connects to mobile devices using Bluetooth. Its Bluetooth connection, which allows us to connect our Smartphone or tablet, this way we can synchronize the TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano to the application of ‘Guitar Hero’ in order to learn to play with style. It is has a dimension of 920 mm x 330 mm x 100 mm, and with a total weight of 5 kg

TheOne Smart Keyboard Light

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TheOne Smart Keyboard Light Piano does not just reproduce only the piano sound faithfully but incorporates one database up to 128 tools that are expandable to 417 through the dedicated application. The device can provide hours of entertainment for any us. It’s AI intelligent evaluation function can accurately record the pitch, rhythm, speed, etc., and generate evaluation reports to help you find problems and improve the efficiency of practicing the piano. The massive music library in the cloud, the real music scores are updated in real time. Traditional classics, or popular hits. Genuine fun spectrum real-time update; free to switch the staff to play the staff. Or waterfall flow mode exercises. No teacher. Popular tracks can also be played anytime, anywhere.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi TheOne Smart Keyboard Light-Electric Piano

The Xiaomi TheOne Smart Keyboard Light-Electric Piano is currently available on Gearbest for $214.99

Price without coupon: $319.98 on Banggood
Coupon code ($287.99): BGAFF10OFF or bGhOnEy10

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