Zhiyun Smooth X now offers the mobile video stabilisation with 2-Axis

Last year, a smartphone gimbal was rumored that it could be folded in half. Now it is launched with a new design that allows it to support an iPhone with a lens attachment. A smartphone gimbal is an important stabilization system that enables the smartphone to capture more fluid video and is used to take a full backpack. The foldable Gimbal comes out from the Zhiyun and named as Zhiyun Smooth X.

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Features of Zhiyun Smooth X:

The report shows that Zhiyun knows for its smaller size, Osmo Mobile 3, as well as lightweight gimbal Smooth X because it is just a two-axis gimbal. It can also “pan” (horizontally left or right) and “roll” (rotate). The sacrifice of the third axis might be worth it because Smooth X is quite a bit smaller and cheaper.

Besides, the smooth “neck” of the Zhiyun Smooth X – like a selfie stick – extends up to 10.2 inches. Combined with the ability to stabilize a phone in the form of landscape or portrait adaptations. Smooth X helps create an excellent tool for user-friendly virtual videos, all tik tok, and social media moments.

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Zhiyun Smooth X

The Zhiyun Smooth X is all the more remarkable because it is a brand of the moment. It is famous for its high-quality lenses along with the iPhone Videographer Space. No doubt, Smooth X has a small joystick nub for manual control of the Axis movement, a button for recording, and a slider for zooming. The two buttons only work when you need to pair with Zhiyun’s companion app.

However, there are also manual controls to change the ISO and white balance, which the iPhone’s native camera app does not offer. But the best way to track an ongoing topic with the help of the Zhiyun’s ZY Cam app that already installed in the camera app. Also, iOS, Android, the app connects via Bluetooth is easy to use. The zoom button can control the app’s native camera app.

A fully charged Zhiyun Smooth X though via USB-C, which help to shoot 8 to 10 hours, its depend upon the weight of the phone. The Smooth X is a little piece of kit that can get at $59 price tag.

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