Xiaomi Yuwell YX305 Fingertip Pulse Oxygen meter Digital Blood Oxygen Monitor offered for $36.99(Coupon)

Yuwell YX305, a device that provides an oxygen concentration index in the blood. A solution for fast results with exceptional accuracy and usability everywhere.

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Like other specialized devices with the same functions, this yx305 will provide users with specific information about blood oxygen, heart rate index in real time, helping users to get an accurate view. about your own health status. As a basis to apply measures to make health better and better.

The device by Yuwell YX305 is quite compact in size, only 58 x 32 x 34mm. That’s why we can take it with us and use it everywhere. It is also equipped with a monochrome OLED screen . The main function is to display detailed indicators of blood oxygen, heart rate as well as heart rate graph in real time, providing users with a more intuitive look.

The Yuwell oxygen meter uses a high-end photoelectric sensor to collect information from the user’s finger. The information collected will be analyzed and processed using an internal MCU chip . All this process is happening fairly quickly, so users can get immediate results after only 8 seconds, with very high accuracy.

Where to buy The Yuwell YX305 Fingertip Pulse Oxygen meter

The Yuwell YX305 Fingertip Pulse Oxygen meter is available on Banggood for $36.99

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