Xiaomi Mijia 1296P 2K 3 Megapixels F1.4 360° PTZ Smart IP Camera Offered for $39.99

The celebration of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary and its Mi Fan Festival 2020 brought a number of new products, including the perfect Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2K. As the name suggests, a smart home camera comes with even better quality 2K video and we know where to buy it for the best price.

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High 2K resolution and huge aperture

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2K is a new generation of smart home camera from Xiaomi, which comes with the highest resolution yet, but also the largest aperture. The 3 MPx sensor has an f / 1.4 aperture and records video at a resolution of up to 2,304 × 1,296 pixels , ie the aforementioned 2K.

For better visibility in poor lighting conditions, the manufacturer used 6 lenses, thanks to which more light falls on the sensor and images at night are much better. A big new feature in this camera is the 940 nm infrared light, which helps to capture video at night.


With security cameras, it is customary for night video to be black and white, but the new camera can capture color video even at night , not just on a white day.

Mechanical rotation and artificial intelligence

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera 2K comes with a 360 ° rotating mechanism that works horizontally. However, the camera can also be moved vertically at an angle of 108 degrees.

The movement of the camera can be controlled via the Mi Home application on the smartphone. It offers a truly panoramic view.

The camera, in collaboration with Mi Cloud, also offers face recognition and sends a notification to the smartphone when a new face is detected. Great feature if someone breaks into your dwelling.

The camera functions include the possibility of two-way communication. It includes both a microphone and a speaker so you can talk directly to people on the other side of the camera from your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

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Newer H.265 encoding technology was used for video storage, which provides not only clearer video, but also 50% less storage usage.

The camera offers three options for storing video – on a microSD card (up to 32 GB), using NAS storage or directly to the cloud.

If necessary, you can also place the camera upside down , on the ceiling, using screws. The application then has the option to rotate the image 180 ° . Connection to the camera is via 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Advance sale and promotion

The latest camera for 2020 has been pre-sold by a well-known retailer Banggood. In the pre-order, it can be purchased at a reduced price, which applies only to the first 50 pieces. EU Priority Line shipping is available to ensure duty-free delivery.

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