KZ Z1 vs KZ S2: Which TWS is Worth Buying?

Which KZ offers better audio quality?

It’s always difficult to find a pair of wireless earphones that provide you with incredible audio quality for a low price. Most brands strive to focus on the other features by compromising on sound quality. What if your priority is audio quality, then it’s a problem. If that’s the case, these are the perfect earphones-KZ Z1 vs S2. Both these earphones provide you with incredible audio quality. That’s not it, but they also look astonishing! The KZ Z1 TWS is the latest addition to KZ’s collection. So, which one is a better option between the KZ Z1 vs KZ S2? That’s what you’ll find out in the comparison article. Continue scrolling if you’re keen on finding out the winner between the KZ Z1 vs S2.

KZ Z1 vs KZ S2 TWS

Audio Quality

The audio quality is incredible in KZ Z1. The KZ Z1 Earbuds have a single dynamic configuration driver with a diameter of 10 mm in each earpiece. The bass sounds incredible, and it’s evident when you listen. However, the separation of instruments isn’t too great. The KZ Z1 is great if you’re a fan of Hip hop, EDM, or Pop and of course for those who love bass. When it comes to the volume, the KZ Z1 is loud compared to KZ S2. The KZ Z1 TWS is great at isolating noise, making it great to use outdoors.

On the other hand, KZ S2 comes with a hybrid driver design which consists of a balanced armature and a dynamic driver. The KZ S2 sounds brighter and has a clean sound in comparison to KZ Z1. The separation of instruments is also better in KZ S2 between the KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. It’s also great at picking up details and it’s an incredible option for those who love clarity. KZ S2 is best for acoustic sound since it has a natural presence.

Although the company claims that the EarBuds come with CVC noise reduction, the Earbuds perform poorly in terms of call quality. While in a quiet area, the EarBuds are great for calls in both models-KZ Z1 vs S2. However, both earphones don’t perform well in a noisy place since the microphone picks up the background noise. Thus choosing between the KZ Z1 vs KZ S2 based on the audio quality depends on your preference of music.

Design of the Earbuds

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The Earbuds have a similar design in both models-KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. KZ Earbuds are designed to fit well by following the shape of your ear. The EarBuds of both models have a plastic build and they come with a silicone tip. The KZ logo appears on the outside of the Earbuds in both models-KZ Z1 vs S2. The KZ Z1 TWS comes in two colors: black and green, while the KZ S2 is only available in black. Both Earbuds look attractive with a glossy appearance. However, the KZ S2 has a round part on the outside with a matte finish. The round part in KZ S2 is a touch-sensitive area for controlling music playback and managing calls. The nozzle comes in gold, adding to the overall design, giving the KZ S2 Earbuds an elegant look.

The KZ Z1 TWS Earbuds would catch your attention when you first look at it compared to KZ S2. It not only looks more attractive but also gives you another color option apart from black. Thus, KZ Z1 has a design advantage in the comparison of KZ Z1 vs KZ S2.

Advantage: KZ Z1

Design of the charging case

KZ Z1 vs KZ S2 TWS
KZ Z1 vs KZ S2 tws

The case of KZ Z1 TWS resembles a box with rounded edges whereas the case of KZ S2 has a capsule shape that comes in matte black. The case of KZ S2 does look slightly bulky. However, the rounded edges do make it easy to slide it into your pocket even if it may protrude. There’s a charging port at the bottom of the case for both models. The cases of both earphones have a flip-top lid and there are magnetic connectors inside the charging case. The design of the KZ Z1 case makes it look less bulky, but it is bigger between the KZ Z1 vs S2.

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Comfort and Convenience

The Earbuds of both models are very comfortable to wear thanks to their design. You won’t experience any discomfort when you have them on even if it’s for a long duration. The KZ S2 Earbuds have an IPX5 water resistance rating that protects them from water splashes in any direction. With an IP rating, the KZ S2 has a slight advantage in the comparison of KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. Thus, the KZ S2 Earbuds are suitable for gym sessions making them convenient to use.

Advantage: KZ S2


The controls are pretty basic and similar to most wireless earphones that have touch controls. There’s no difference in the touch controls between the KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. To play/pause a track, you only tap once. If you want to activate gaming mode, you have to tap either earbud thrice. Tapping the left earbud twice goes back to the previous track while the same function on the right goes to the next song. Activating the voice assistant requires a long press on both earbuds. When it comes to touch controls, it is responsive in both models. The only drawback is that there is no volume control in both models-KZ Z1 vs S2.

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When it comes to connectivity, the Earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 in both the models-KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. Pairing is quite easy, which only requires you to press the button on the charging case to initiate the pairing process. There’s a gaming mode present in both models-KZ Z1 vs S2. With gaming mode, you’ll notice that there is no lag in the audio while streaming videos in Android devices. However, with IOS devices the latency is present but it reduces when you use gaming mode. Thus, these earphones are not only great for listening to music but for watching videos as well.

Battery Life

KZ Z1 TWS Earbuds have a 30 mAh battery, which provides around 2-2.5 hours of playback time. The case comes with a surprisingly large battery of 400 mAh. With most devices adopting the Type-C port, it’s a shame that the KZ Z1 TWS still has a micro USB port. Although the KZ S2 is not a new addition, its case comes with a USB-C port making it convenient for consumers. The Earbuds of KZ S2 can provide around 3-4 hours of playback time. With a bulky case, you’d expect a larger battery, but instead, the KZ S2’s case has a 500 mAh battery which is still impressive since the case can charge the earbuds three times completely. It takes around 2 hours to charge the case and earbuds as well. Thus, the KZ S2 provides a better battery life and supports fast charging between the KZ Z1 vs KZ S2.

Advantage: KZ S2

Verdict: Which KZ is a better TWS?

The KZ S2 comes out as the winner in the comparison of KZ Z1 vs KZ S2. The KZ S2 Earbuds don’t just have a better battery life, but it also comes with an IP rating that the KZ Z1 seems to lack. If you can look past the fact that it has a poor battery life and no water resistance rating, then the KZ Z1 TWS earphones are worth buying considering its price if sound quality is your top priority. Both these earphones have incredible audio quality. The connectivity is also great, and the controls are responsive. They’re also very comfortable to wear, and they have an astonishing design. If you only use your earphones for around 2 hours, then the KZ Z1 should be good enough for you between the KZ Z1 vs S2. Otherwise, if that’s a deal-breaker, then the KZ S2 is the best choice.


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