Wemax D30 vs Wemax A300 Projector: Comparing Two Worth-Buying Home Theatres

With the advent of new technology dimensions, the projector industry has gained new phases throughout history. We have come across a glut of home theatre projectors during recent times. They embrace the latest protocols every time with updates features to offer you a fantastic cinema-like experience at home. Today, we have two well-nurtured developments from Xiaomi to pit against each other. It is a Wemax A300 vs Wemax Appotronics D30 4K laser projector comparison to know how efficient they are to obtain the desired results.

When it comes to the projector industry, China-based Xiaomi erupts as one of the most permissible brands across the globe. As of today’s market scenario, Xiaomi is a well-received name with a mammoth fan-following not only for projectors but other product categories also.

Under the Youpin ecosystem, the company has aligned thousands of home theatres with great features for global clients. Some of the big names include Wemax Appotronics D30, Xiaomi Mijia 4K, Mijia Mini 1080P portable, Wemax A300, Xiaomi Wanbo LCD projector, Xiaomi Fengmi Smart projector, and various others.

Wemax A300 Vs Appotronics D30: Both Are Well-Versed with Innovative Technologies

Coming to the comparison study, the Wemax A300 4k laser projector is a splendid achievement by Xiaomi. The device houses an impressive set of configurations like 9000 ANSI lumens, 100% color brightness, 3D Display, 4000:1 central contrast, 80-150 inches display size, WIFI, Bluetooth, Speakers and lots more.

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 Wemax Appotronics D30 Vs Wemax A300

On the other side, the Wemax Appotronics D30 is also a well-equipped 4K laser projector to establish a new definition for home entertainment. It utilizes a creative style and magnificent system mechanism to bring exceptional user experience for you.

We can list 12500 ANSI lumens, Fengmi OS, 4K + HDR10, 400-nit brightness, Bluetooth, inbuilt speakers, 150-300 inches display size, ALPD technology, DCI-P3 color gamut, IoT support, and voice assistant approach.

Well, this isn’t the right way to describe two fully-furnished 4K projectors against each other. Let’s jump to the following section to explore the micro-to-giant prospects of both to finalize the better one.

Wemax Appotronics D30 Vs Wemax A300: What is the Difference?

Design and Construction

While experiencing the duo physically, we encounter almost identical posture with a well-assembled physique and eye-catching aesthetics. Both Wemax Appotronics D30 and Wemax A300 houses a portable body and lightweight design to let you be on the convenient side forever.

Best Xiaomi Projector 2020

The latest Wemax D30 projector brings the one-piece metal molding to represent the beauty of science & technology. The chassis executes high-grade metal CNC alongside plastic for the height adjustment wheel.

Further, the Wemax D30 comes with great craftsmanship within the dimensions of 600x380x140mm and a weight of 17.5kg. The sole color choice is Grey.

In the opposite camp, the Wemax A300 4K projector processes the same ideologies and build capabilities to captivate buyers at the prima facia. It gives an exquisite finish with a glossy approach overall to match your home interiors in the best manner.

xiaomi wemax APPOTRONICS d30

As far as the physical dimensions are related, it measures 456x308x91mm to be slightly compact than the counterpart. It weighs 7.5kg, which is 10kg lighter also than the opposition. The black color rules the skin overwhelmingly.


Technically, both Wemax A300 and Wemax Appotronics D30 projectors load top-notch display features. Both share the ALPD 3.0 Laser Light Source Technology to make your free time worth-entertaining.

Xiaomi Wemax APPOTRONICS D30

The Wemax A300 Projector embeds ultra-high-resolution 4K DMD display with 3840×2160 pixels to ensure 4 times better clarity than 1080p devices. Furthermore, the system covers 0.233:1 projection ratio, 4000:1 central contrast, 100% color brightness, 10% red light ratio to achieve the true visual impact.

The 9000 ANSI lumens with 250-nit brightness is enough to produce precise visuality in the day time. From the 0.05-0.5m distance, the Wemax A300 can generate the 80 to 150-inch display size and 4:3 image scale.

Wemax Appotronics D30 Vs Wemax A300

On the other hand, the Wemax Appotronics D30 projector also possesses industry-leading specs on the table. It comes with whopping 12500 ANSI lumens with 450-nit brightness, ALPD 3.0, 4K projection with 3840x2160p resolution, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 80-150 inches display unit and lots more. It also hosts several image modes like Standard Mode, Movie Mode, Gorgeous Mode, Game Mode and User Mode.

Software and Processor Comparison

As far as the OS and processing units are related, the competitors host incredible suites with a motive to collect exceptional cinema-like experience.

4K Projectors Buy

The latest Wemax Appotronics D30 projector involves an Amlogic T972 chip in the CPU department alongside Novatek NT72353 in the MEMC IC circuit. Moreover, the device captures the Feng OS based on the Android P interface that further unites several other protocols on the move.

There is also a solid processing unit on the Wemax A300 4K projector and Android-based OS to maximize your entertainment zone.


Both Wemax Appotronics D30 and Wemax A300 projectors share a 3GB DDR4 unit in the RAM slot. When it comes to saving data in the local directories, users will have 64GB eMMC high-speed flash memory.

Xiaomi Wemax Appotronics D30


In both cases, you will have inbuilt Stereo speakers, encompassing wonderful 3D audio definition. The Dolby audio plus DTS-HD technologies will encourage your movie-watching experience stunningly.

xiaomi wemax APPOTRONICS d30 features

Additional Features

In terms of other specifications, the Wemax Appotronics D30 vs Wemax A300 have lots of similar modules on the deck.

The Wemax A300 unites ALPD lamp technology with 20000+ hours of life, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1, multiple videos and audio formats, eye-care diffusion reflection, easy-to-use MIUI, screen-mirroring, Piano black and gold metal wire drawing, and multiple inbuilt apps.

4k Projectors 2020

Almost the similar is the case with the Wemax Appotronics D30 projector. It demonstrates AI Far-field voice, support for IoT, infrared + bus access to host smart home devices intelligently. It also serves users with full-screen content preview, the customized home page, quick start station, inbuilt Xiao AI classmate, and lots more features.

Wemax D30 Vs Wemax A300 Conclusion

Wrapping up the Wemax Appotronics D30 vs Wemax A300 comparison, both units are extraordinarily prudent with industry-leading tools. Both have advanced parameters to let you enjoy the next-level entertainment at home.

Undoubtedly, it is hard to pick a more reliable choice. But the latest Wemax Appotronics D30 projector seems to lead the race following the technical aspects and design. However, the choice may differ buyer-to-buyer depending upon the budget and other preferences.

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