Yuwell YX303, the pocket oximeter sold by Xiaomi in Youpin that sweeps sales

A while ago Xiaomi in its Youpin store put on sale a gadget that has become a top seller and continues to destroy sales. This product arrives under the Yuwell brand, a brand we know for selling its products in the Xiaomi store. Yuwell YX303 is a pocket oximeter sold by Xiaomi on Youpin that sweeps sales on Aliexpress.

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The pulse oximeter, also called a  pulse oximeter, saturator,  or oxygen saturation meter is a medical instrument used to indirectly measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation found in a patient’s blood. This technique is known as pulse oximetry.

To measure these two parameters it is placed at the end of a finger, and the result can be seen on its small screen. This technique is less invasive than directly checking the level of oxygen in the blood, but achieves very reliable results.

The Yuwell brand is dedicated to the manufacture of medicinal products, specifically in monitoring and assisting in health control. The finger oximeter emits light with two different wavelengths, one 660nm, and one 940nm, red and infrared respectively. This light is largely absorbed by the connective tissue, skin, bone, and blood from the veins.

Infrared light is absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin, causing more red light to pass through, and this is absorbed by deoxygenated hemoglobin, allowing more infrared light to pass through.

With each beat the absorption increases slightly, that is,  for it to work it has to find a pulse, otherwise, it would not be able to measure anything.

On the opposite side of the scatterometer is a photodetector, which is responsible for controlling the amount of light that has passed through the finger and has not been absorbed.

To obtain the result, the pulse oximeter photodetector compares the red light rate with the infrared light rate, resulting in the oxygen saturation level.

Yuwell YX303, the pocket oximeter sold by Xiaomi on Youpin

A few months ago, this brand put on sale in the Youpin store of Xiaomi what is so far its best pocket oximeter called Yuwell YX303. This allows the measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) up to 100% and pulse (PRbpm) up to 250 BPM.

Its body in the form of a clamp has a weight of 54 grams, with which it will allow us to be transported without problems anywhere. Up to 2 different colors are displayed on your LED screen. By means of a central button, the user can see the different information that is painted, as well as carry out the measurements.

Inside is a 30 mAh rechargeable battery. For battery saving, the screen will turn off when it takes more than 8 seconds without detecting the index finger with which to make these measurements.

In a few months, Yuwell YX303, the pocket oximeter that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin, has become highly popular with users looking to know data about their physical condition.

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