Fengmi 4K Pro Projector Vs Wemax A300: Which is Worth of Your Money?

This post will discover the differences between Wemax A300 4K and Fengmi 4K Pro projector. Both devices are well-packed with top-of-the-class specifications to bring you a wonderful cinema-like movie experience at home. So, let’s step ahead without wasting any further moment.

The laser projector industry has seen an abundant thrive during recent years. Aplenty of manufacturers have stretched the list by indulging into the segment for avid fans. People now tend to spend quality time at home by watching their favourite movies or TV shows at home comfort. This is where the role of 4K laser projector starts.

Amongst the massive spate, the China-based Xiaomi is undoubtedly is at the apex. It has piled up a humongous portfolio in this domain to offer a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

Best Xiaomi Projector 2020

Our today’s story will revolve around two projection gadgets from the same brand. It is the Wemax A300 4K vs Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro comparison to check out contradiction they carry between them.

A day ago, Xiaomi subsidiary Fengmi launched the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro projector in China. It is the successor to the previous Fengmi 4K Laser Projector. The biggest achievement it lodges is the 2400 ANSI lumens against the 1700 ANSI of the earlier. Moreover, the projectable screen size also has been maximized to 150” from 100 inches.

On the contrary, the Wemax A300 laser projector is also Xiaomi’s development. It was introduced last years with impeccable features of the time. The firm loads the device with 4K ultra HD resolution, sharp picture quality and 100” screen size.

To conceive the picture more precisely, we will have to jump to the subsequent section. So, let’s proceed.

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Fengmi 4K Pro Projector Vs Wemax A300 4K Comparison: What are the Differences?

Design and Construction

It takes a little to distinguish both 4K projectors physically. The duo shares a compact, well-established and magnificently-crafted design to woo your eyes at the prima facie. The black-painted bodies give an elegant outlook to décor and favour your home interior blatantly.

Xiaomi wemax a300

The Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro projector offers nice assembly and portable stature. The whole chassis is designed gloriously to ensure excellence in each field. Like the competitor, the newly-invented machine also has a sloppy cut hole that permits the rays to come out. It also installs speakers and some ports on the belly.

Moreover, the floating visual design brings deep temperament, while the physical dimensions are 456x308x91mm.

Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector

As per the Wemax A300 4K, it also reminisces the same physical characteristics and build quality as the Fengmi. You can carry the portable device anywhere thanks to the compact design scheme. The black-coloured body looks exquisite in a similar physical measurement.

Operating System and Processor

The software area of both contenders follows different OS as well. The Wemax A300 projector installs the Android operating system, which is further compatible with various gadgets like computer, PC, laptop etc.

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Wemax A300 4K vs Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro

What surprises all on the part of the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro is the introduction of the new FengOS OS. It is particularly designed to capture bigger screens with customized homepages, ad-free booting, and a quick start.

The processing units conclude Amlogic T972 chipset with the maximum 1.9GHz clock speed on Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro. The chipset on the Wemax device is not known.

Wemax A300 4K vs Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Display

Let’s compare Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro vs Wemax A300 4K projector for their prime role. The 4K resolution and throw ratio (0.233:1) are common in both, though, but the vital difference is the size and lumens.

Fengmi 4k Pro laser projector

The Wemax A300 4K installs DMD and ALPD 3.0 prospect to capture LCD TV-like display effect. The 100% colour brightness, diffusion reflection and 4:3 image scale, 9000 ANSI of lumens and 80-300 inches picture size are some other features to enjoy.

Wemax A300

On the other hand, the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro offers 2400 ANSI lumens brightness and up to 150” display creation. The picture quality is sharp and clear thanks to the ALPS 3.0 technique.

Additional Specifications

Well, the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro and Wemax A300 4K projector also enlist lots more features to use. Both of them have inbuilt Dolby speakers with DTS certification, 8-point trapezoidal correction, multiple ports, 25,000 hours life of lamp (Wemax has 20,000+), anti-direct looking sensor to protect eyes, and various others.

WEmax A300

Furthermore, the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro projector installs 3GB/64Gb storage, dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth, multiple light modes.

Fenfmi Cinema 4k Pro laser projector

The Wemax A300 4K projector also has WIFI, Bluetooth, 64Gb internal storage, and some inbuilt apps to enjoy on the go.

Bottom Line

Wrapping up the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro vs Wemax A300 4K projector comparison, both are well-packed devices with top-class specifications. Well, there is no comparison of 9000 ANSI Lumens and 2400 ANSI Lumens. But when you look around the features like storage, resolution and throw ratio, you can relate them as they are same in all the aspects. The major difference comes in the processor, Wemax A300 carries android system and the Fengmi Projector comes with the new FengOS OS.

If you are looking for the long duration and long running bulb life then we would recommend you for Xiaomi Wemax A300. And if you are one who goes with the latest products then for this latest fast processor and good resolution you can buy the new Fengmi 4k pro.

The Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro is up for sale on Banggood for $2,699.99, whereas the Wemax A300 4K appears on Gearbest for $2,661.99.

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