Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 Available at $239.99

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 is an extremely necessary equipment for every family . With a compact design, optimal filtration efficiency and smart structure, this will be a worthy choice to invest in bringing pure, healthy water.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

Why is it necessary to equip Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23?

You cannot see with the naked eye heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms and other harmful substances. Moreover, high temperatures cannot completely eliminate hazards in water sources. And if used for a long time with the quality of water is not guaranteed will greatly affect health. Therefore, water purification devices such as Xiaomi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 are increasingly popular and are excellent equipment for every family.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020 Edition Detailed specifications:

Brand Xiaomi
Model MRB23
Rated Power 42W
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Working Pressure 0.4~0.9MPa
Inlet Pressure 0.1~0.4MPa
Rated Anti-Pollution capacity:  2500L
Applicable Water Temperature 5~38?
Applicable Environment 4~40?
Size(L X W X H) 471 X 170 X 452mm
Weight about 8.1Kg

Modern 3-level filtration system

The Xiaomi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system that is equipped to help deep filter to bring fresh and purer water quality. Specifically, Level 1 is a high-density PP cotton filter that helps remove large impurities such as sand, rust, insect eggs, etc. , bacteria, organic impurities. And finally, the active bar filter helps absorb excess chlorine, eliminate odors and improve the taste of the water source.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

In particular, the RO reverse osmosis membrane is imported with high accuracy for the ability of deep purification to completely eliminate rust, inorganic substances, heavy metals, bacteria, … and other impurities with precision. up to 0.0001 microns . Therefore, users can feel secure when using tap water at the tap through Xiaomi Water Purifier 2020 Edition to use for all needs from cooking, washing food to drinking directly.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

Large capacity, meet all needs of use

Closed water tank with a large capacity of 3L , meeting the daily needs of the whole family. Specifically, Xiaomi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 applies the advanced water filtration scheme with a stable water flow rate with a flow of 0.13 L / min to meet the amount of water for families of 3-5 people per day. The ratio of filtered water and wastewater is significantly optimized to 1: 1 , thereby helping to save water and protect the environment effectively.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

Smart app connection

In particular, the Xiaomi MRB23 Water Filter also provides the ability to connect smart apps on smartphones from which users can check the water quality at home, view the filter life, the operating status of the device or control the time. Real time using water anytime, anywhere extremely safe and secure.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

Flexible design, easy to install

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Water Purifier 2020 Edition MRB23 has a fairly compact structure, significantly optimized for size. Therefore, users can easily install horizontally or vertically under kitchen shelves in a flexible manner without causing problems, saving quite a lot of storage space. The filter is solidly reinforced, separate structure, independent so that users can easily replace and remove. Inside is a closed 3-way pipe design, joints are reinforced to avoid water leakage, helping to ensure safety and hygiene.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2020 Edition?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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