FIIL T1 XS TWS Earphones Avialble at $79.99

FIIL officially launched the third true wireless sports headset-FIIL T1 XS. As the name suggests, “XS” is smaller, more portable, and smarter. Compared with FIIL T1X, T1 XS has a lighter body type, multi-scenario low delay, ENC dual wheat noise reduction, wearing sensor, automatic intelligent start and stop, listening mode, more powerful functions, and more color matching features.



General Brand: FIIL
Color: T1XS
Color: Black
Specification Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Transmission Distance: 10m
Decoding Format: AAC, SBC
Playback Time: 6H, 24H with Charging Case. Charge 5 mintutes and you can listen to music for 1 hour.
Charging Time: 1.5H for charging case, 40min for Earbuds
Speaker size: 6.1mm
Frequency response: 15Hz~22kHz
Sensitivity: 95dB SPL@1mW
Distortion: <3%@1mW
Dimensions&Weight Product Weight: 4.8g/earbud
Charging Case Weight: 29g


FIIL T1 XS :Lightweight and compact, comfortable to wear, let your freedom without worries

FIIL T1 XS has a smaller storage box and more colors. Compared with T1X, FIIL T1 XS has a weight reduction of about 30%, and the weight of the charging box has been reduced from 42g to 29g. The storage method of the earphones is adjust from the vertical arrangement to the horizontal direction. This maximizes the internal space of the charging compartment and has good anti-fall and impact resistance. In addition, FIIL has upgraded its unique open-box flash connection function, flash connection 2.0 technology, with faster connection speed and lower power consumption.


FIIL T1 XS uses a low-latency dual-channel transmission system, and the left and right ears are connected to the mobile phone synchronously, which fundamentally reduces the delay. And for the three scenarios of playing games, listening to music, and watching videos, the transmission scheme is tailored and switched as needed. With capacitive touch, both ears can be operated independently. Two control schemes are preset in the headset, and the operations of play, pause, and answer are completed blindly. FIIL T1 XS adds a wearing sensor, which will automatically detect the wearing status.

High-definition call, long-lasting battery life, long enough to be “heartbroken”


FIIL T1 XS uses dual-microphone call noise reduction technology to attenuate the environment by 90% of the noise in real time and achieve better noise reduction. It also joins the listening mode, through a dedicated microphone and intelligent algorithm to filter vocals and moderate ambient sound into the headset, you can capture a wider range of noise from traffic noise to vocals, daily noise and more.


In terms of sound quality, FIIL T1 XS adopts a high-definition decoder chip that meets Hi-Res requirements and a 6.1mm high-density rubidium magnet custom dynamic coil unit. Wang Feng checks the sound quality and configures the audio system according to the standard of professional music headphones The performance is worthy of recognition.

Where to buy FIIL T1 XS TWS Earphones?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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