Xiaovv Smart Panoramic Outdoor Infrared Night Vision IP Camera now for $39.99

Home security is a crucial concern today. Xiaovv pertains to the concept with homeowners worrying about their security issues by introducing the smart IP outdoor camera. It is the Xiaovv XVV-1120S-B1 night vision camera/Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera upholding your home security to a level. You can buy the lens at an affordable price now.

Following is a brief overview of the security eye. Well, it is a portable gun-shaped camera with scads of high-profile specifications. With 180-degree wide-angle lens, motion detection, wireless connectivity and lots more algorithms, it is going to give you a full sense of safety around the corner. Let’s have a look at prominent aspects.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Physically, the Xiaovv XVV-1120S-B1 infrared outdoor night vision camera offers a sleek and portable design. The gun-shaped posture seems like a little drum with a 1080p lens on the front. Near the backplate, it equips two antennas to ensure wireless connectivity to your mobile.

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Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera

Further, the security camera is an ideal device for both indoor and outdoor application. Its IP65 waterproof/dustproof body withstands weathers of all ilk. Installation is cinch and hassle-free. The white-coloured safety weapon measures 10x10x12.5cm and weighs 280g.

Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera Camera

In terms of lens profile, Xiaovv’s outdoor night vision sensor comes with a wide-angle 1080p HD panoramic lens. Moreover, it has f/2.3 aperture, while the lens size is 2.5mm. One of the prime features is the 180-degree angle captivity at 1920x1080p resolution.

Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera

Night Vision

The Xiaovv outdoor security camera adopts an infrared night vision with up to 10m of viewing distance. The IR-CUT double filter automatically switches as per the circumstances.

Multi-Device Connectivity

Users can enjoy remote viewing on a variety of devices like a mobile phone, tablet, computer etc. Now, your home is under your surveillance around the clock. Additionally, it also integrates up to 128GB storage space to record videos of several days.

Best night infrared Camera

Triple Encryption

Furthermore, the Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera provides triple encryption to consolidate the privacy of the video. It accumulates 2-factor authentication, cloud storage encryption and data transmission encryption.

Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera Connectivity

The company has assigned the camera with the WIFI 802.11B wireless and Mijia app connectivity approach. You can connect the device within the 20m radius. However, it also supports Onvif.

Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera Price

Well, the Xiaovv Panoramic Night vision Camera is available on Gearbest for US$39.99 after 16% off. Click to buy now;

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