Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector Offered For Just $2619.99

As a brand-new home large-screen device, laser TV has sprung up in recent years and has become the new focus of the home display industry. Not long ago, Wemax Technology, the inventor of ALPD® laser display technology and the leading brand of laser TV, also launched the new Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector. 

wemax a300 4k laser projector

Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Features and Specifications

Xiaomi WEMAX A300 Display

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector has a 4K Ultra HD resolution, you can realize nothing is completed, on the one hundred-inch large screen can also have a perfect picture quality. This product adopts Wemax unique ALPD®3.0 technology, and uses the color standards of the film industry to adjust, which can achieve 100% color brightness and perfectly present the original colors of Hollywood movies.

The Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector is equipped with a Fresnel anti-light hard screen as standard, which can effectively resist the influence of ambient light and ensure that the picture can be clear and bright during bright daylight. The projection ratio of this machine is 0.233: 1 , and only a distance of 14 ~ 50cm can project a large screen of 80 ~ 150 inches, and it is no problem to use it in a small living room.

In response to the user’s most annoying picture adjustment problem, the Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector has an eight-point keystone correction function, which can quickly adjust the picture and make daily use more convenient. In addition, this machine also supports 3D mode, which can project a real three-dimensional 3D picture, with a hundred-inch large picture, you can make the living room second become a private theater.

Colour and Design

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector atmospheric modeling simple, flat body more, looks very modern. The machine’s noble black is the main color, supplemented by golden lines, and it is very stylish in the living room, which can instantly show the owner’s taste. Compared with similar products, the volume of this machine is smaller, which can further save indoor space.

wemax a300 4k laser projector

The whole body of Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector is made of PC material and piano paint, which is not easy to leave fingerprints and traces, and it is more convenient for daily care. There are a variety of interface modes designed on the back of the fuselage, which is completely sufficient as a display output terminal for the family. In addition, the outer layer of the speaker is covered with mesh, which brings better visual enjoyment and better dustproof effect.

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector on each side . 1 Ke anti look sensors, once the people close to the machine is automatically jump to protected mode, can effectively prevent glare problems eyes look, this family has functions for Children’s users are very practical. Overall, the Wemax A300 has changed the shape of the traditional laser TV, the overall value of the machine has been significantly improved, and it can be versatile in various home environments.

The color of the laser TV screen is very important, so first of all, we brought you the color test of Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector. In this session, we mainly understand the machine’s color reproduction ability through the difference between the color test sample and the real shot, hoping to show the reader the most true color style of the product.

wemax a300 4k laser projector

From the comparison of the real shots, we can see that the 4K picture projected by Wemax A300 4K Laser Laser TV is clear and sharp, the color reproduction is true and natural, very close to the proofs, the details of the picture are accurately portrayed, and the whiskers and fur of the tiger are also clear visible.

As can be seen in the comparison of the four-color image, the Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector achieves a more accurate reproduction of the four colors, of which red and blue are closer to the sample. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of the camera in a bright environment.

As can be seen from the above real shots, the Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector has accurate focusing, high picture saturation, true and natural color reproduction, and a 100-inch large screen can bring users a perfect viewing experience . Taken together, Wemax ALPD®3.0 technology really deserves its reputation, giving the machine a better color performance.

wemax a300 4k laser projector

Since the nominal brightness of GWemax A300 4K Laser Projector  is the center brightness of 250nit (high brightness mode), this time we chose to test the nit value of the product in the brightness section . The measured data shows that the peak brightness of the Xiaomi wemax  A300 laser TV is 288nit , which reaches 115.2% of the nominal value , which can be seen that the light peak has no virtual standard brightness; the maximum brightness is 265nit , which also exceeds the product’s nominal; ANSI brightness is 213nit , combined with anti-light curtain is enough to ensure normal viewing in bright environment.

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector ANSI contrast ratio of 145: 1 , to achieve a good standard, projected screen color structured; actual NTSC color gamut 83.6% , enough to meet the daily viewing needs; the measured color temperature of 6754K , the picture The style is closer to the traditional LCD TV, and friends who are used to the traditional LCD will be more accustomed to this style.

wemax a300 4k laser projector

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector equipped with a leading OTT intelligent systems, system layout is simple and intuitive, the video content is divided into episodes, television, variety, and several other sections, users can quickly find the resources needed. The operation of the system is also very smooth.

In terms of film and television resources, the system has built-in YouTube. The film and television resources are rich. Whether it is Hollywood blockbusters, popular variety shows or children ’s entertainment programs, it has enough to meet the needs of family users. In addition, in the application store, you can also download more extended applications as needed.

wemax a300 4k laser projector

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector supports voice control, users need only say want to see the movie, the machine will quickly exhibit the desired content, sound system knowledge accurate and responsive. In addition, the machine also supports wireless projection screens of different systems. The system has detailed explanations on operation, and even friends who are using for the first time can quickly get started.

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector summary

wemax a300 4k laser projector

Wemax A300 4K Laser Projector is a feature-rich, powerful large-screen home viewing weapon. First of all, it has excellent brightness performance, which is enough to ensure that users can watch movies normally in a bright environment. Secondly, the color performance of this machine is also commendable, and the color reproduction is true and natural. Not only that, this product also has rich film and television resources, users do not need to be in an external TV box when watching movies daily.

Wemax A300 Advantage:

  1. 4K ultra high definition resolution, clear and delicate picture quality
  2. Excellent brightness performance, suitable for use in bright environments
  3. The  picture color is real and natural
  4. Rich film and television resources and powerful functions

Where to buy Wemax A300 4K Laser projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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