Teclast F7 Plus: Metal Body, backlit keyboard, 10,000mAh battery Now available for $329.99

With the continuous development of electronic equipment, notebooks have become the standard for many business people. For business people who frequently travel, of course, they want to carry lighter devices as much as possible, so the proportion of thin and light notebooks is increasing. After a long period of market research, in-depth optimization, and after the launch of Teclast F6 Pro, manufacturer launched the Teclast F7 Plus, a new generation of thin and light notebooks with stronger performance, narrower bezels, larger keyboards, lighter and thinner.

teclast f7 Plus


As a new generation of thin and light notebooks, the thinness and lightness of Teclast F7 Plus did not disappoint. The Teclast F7 Plus is as light as 1.5kg, and as thin as 7mm. It makes the lightness more sensation-free and greatly improves the portability of the notebook.

teclast f7 Plus

At the same time, Teclast F7 Plus uses a 2.5D curved frame to make the notebook more beautiful, while the screen frame distance is only 8mm.

In addition to being thin and light, the F7 Plus uses deep space gray color in appearance, and a glare LOGO is added on the A side. Let the device show more personality and show new charm.

teclast f7 Plus

Although Teclast F7 Plus is so thin and light, it is not sloppy in hardware. It comes equipped with a 14-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 HD resolution. The small body can also contain a wonderful big vision.

teclast f7 Plus


In addition, the latest notebook uses the eighth-generation Gemini Lake processor, with a peak turbo frequency of 2.4GHz and a 30% increase in overall computing performance over the previous generation. Allows Teclast F7 Plus to easily manage office requirements and greatly improves work efficiency.

teclast f7 Plus

In addition to work ability, notebook is not weak in audio and video functions. As the latest notebook also features UHD Graphics 600 core graphics card, with powerful 4K decoding capabilities, making Teclast F7 Plus a true audio and video player.

teclast f7 Plus

Good configuration also needs sufficient capacity to support, Teclast F7 Plus is equipped with 8GB high-speed memory + 128GB large-capacity SSD combination, higher read and write performance. It also supports TF card capacity expansion and M.2 independent slots to meet large Needs of capacity people.

teclast f7 Plus

The new-generation fuselage uses a new full-size keyboard design, which not only stretches the pitch to 21mm, but also reduces the keyboard bezel to only 6mm. Even male users with larger finger sizes can fluently and walk smoothly.

teclast f7 Plus

In addition, the F7 Plus also incorporates the keyboard backlight function intimately, so it is not “night blind” in the dark and easy to use. The mating area is 20% larger than that of traditional products, and the touch screen is smooth and comfortable.


teclast f7 Plus

As a working assistant for business people, the battery life of Teclast F7 Plus gives it a long-lasting combat capability.It comes equipped with a 38Wh large-capacity polymer battery, with a comprehensive battery life of up to about 8 hours, giving you a longer office and entertainment experience.

How to buy TECLAST F7 PLUS Notebook?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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