POCO POP buds wireless earbuds is finally announced, could launch soon

What should Poco’s upcoming TWS wireless earbuds be called? Here’s is a platform where you can suggest your favourite name to the company officials. Of course, Poco India is allowing the audience to select the relevant name for its upcoming TWS wireless earbuds.

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Features of POCO POP Buds:

Yesterday on May 18, Poco India General Manager C Manmohan shared a poll on Twitter. In the poll, you can see four options for the followers to choose from – Poco Move Buds, Poco Klip Buds, Poco Pop Buds, and Poco Funkz. You can see different options with vote percentage as well.

The third option ‘Poco Pop Buds’ received the maximum clicks accounting for 42%, while the Poco Klip Buds grabs the least 6% of votes. The ‘Poco Move Buds’ and ‘Poco Funkz’ contained 24% and 28%, respectively.

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The senior official from Poco India took to Twitter to unveil that the company is ready to enter the market with the brand-new TWS earbuds soon. But it also drafts a way to ensure the audience participation in the process. Correspondingly, the brand is explicitly crowdsourcing the name of the upcoming Bluetooth device.

One could sense the TWS nature of the earbuds through options along with participating in the naming process. At the same time, some users feel it appropriate to call the earbuds simply ‘Poco Buds.’ But it is not in the options, and no one knows if outside name suggestions would be accepted or not.

This unique move from Poco implies a transformed shift for smartphone OEMs that pledge to cover more devices in the portfolio. The tech giant Apple is following the same ideology for years and now other manufacturers are also executing the scheme. At this moment, we have nothing to say on features of upcoming Poco TWS earbuds. We will update the page as soon as we get any information.

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