FLJ T113 Electric Scooter Available at $1292.99

In today’s society, especially in developed cities, the most serious and the most troublesome is the traffic problem, although the current roads are extending in all directions, it seems to be unobstructed, but whenever you come to work, you go to see, really, “The car is jammed like a parking lot.”. Electric Scooters like FLJ T113 can help solve this problem to a much extent. How? Let’s Find out!

FLJ T113

FLJ T113 :Travel green, save time and effort

FLJ T113

Now people’s life and work rhythm are getting faster and faster. If it is a short trip, driving is definitely not a good idea. Time is wasted in traffic jams. Although the bus is convenient, but you want to squeeze it up to have a good physical fitness. Electric bicycles are good for riding bicycles, but parking after arriving at the destination is a big problem. In view of this situation, the romantic French used their brains and invented a compact scooter, FLJ T113 Electric Scooter.

FLJ T113

Small size, light weight, easy to carry

FLJ T113

This FLJ T113 Electric Scooter, in order to solve the parking problem of the user, the team gave the This T113 a smaller physique. The upright handlebar height is only 920mm. It can also be folded. The folded size is only 100mm * 405mm * 235mm. In order to reduce the weight of the fuselage while improving the ruggedness of the fuselage, the design team chose lightweight aluminum alloy as the body material At the same time, the maximum load can reach 180kg.

Excellent safety performance

FLJ T113

The body of the FLJ T113 Electric Scooter has been processed with an all-black anodizing process, and the look of the skateboard when paired with the white and green that are missing from the car is quite good. Both the front and rear tires are explosion-proof tires, the wheel size is 11 inches, and in order to improve the braking capacity, the rear wheel is equipped with a Hydraulic brake device, which greatly improves the safety performance of the skateboard.

FLJ T113 : Excellent battery life, no worries

FLJ T113

About the power source of the FLJ T113 Electric Scooter, a brushless motor with a power of 3200W is installed in the front tires, and the body comes with a 23Ah 26Ah LG32AH lithium battery. It can drive 40km under busy conditions. The function ensures that the user has no worries.

FLJ T113 Electric Scooter Where to buy?

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