Mijia Floor Fan 2 DC Frequency Conversion Released : Double-Layer Fan Blade, Dual-Purpose Platform

Today, Xiaomi released the low-key summer home magic, Mijia floor fan 2 DC frequency conversion, priced at 349 yuan, scheduled for first sale at 10 am on May 18 (Monday).

Mijia Floor Fan 2 DC

It is reported that the Mijia DC inverter fan 2 is upgraded to a 7 + 5 double-layer fan blade , which rotates inside and outside at the same time during work, generating two speeds, fast and slow. With an accelerated deflector hood, it can blow out double surround and warm natural wind.

Mijia Floor Fan 2 DC

DC inverter fan motor is mounted, the maximum amount of wind up to 20 meters / min, 140 degrees wide range of air distances of 14 meters, 39 degrees tilt adjustment, noise as low as 31 db, support block 100 speed, timing, etc. 7×24 hours, the entire In the summer, the first gear costs about 0.6 yuan, and the fourth gear costs only 6 yuan .

Mijia Floor Fan 2 DC

It is worth mentioning that the second-generation floor fan can flexibly switch the two-section metal support rod to achieve height adjustment through one-button disassembly button, so as to meet the two scenarios of tabletop or floor.

In addition, Mijia DC frequency conversion floor fan also supports voice control, Mijia APP remote control and other features, with a rated power of 15 watts.

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