Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike Available at $807.98

The Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike is a rare home smart fitness product currently on the market. This intelligent spinning bike provides a complete set of sports solutions for fitness enthusiasts.

Xiaomi Yesoul M1

Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike Specifications:

Name YESOUL Intelligent Spinning Bike
From Xiaomi Youpin
Model YESOUL M1 YS-002
Screen size Smartphones, tablets
Software support version Android,IOS
Resistance system
Magnetically controlled resistance system
Mode of electric drive Belt drive
Power source Button battery(CR2477)
Color White
The height limit
Rated maximum load
Net weight 33kg
Gross weight 36kg
Using area 1000x510x1250mm(LengthxWidthxHeight)


There is no shortage of such people around us: the heart belongs to the gym, but the body does not belong. Why? In the fast-paced age of life, time is spent on work, games, and parties. The slowly bulging belly tells you that you ca n’t face the upcoming “Meat Season” without losing weight, so I thought about a fitness card, but I do n’t have to go every month.

The YESOUL M1 smart spinning bike moved the gym to your home, with professional coaches online guidance, can also avoid blind pursuit of exercise intensity, scientific and effective exercise, you can enjoy hearty at any time.

Xiaomi Yesoul M1

Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike Design:

Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike has once again innovated in body design. The lines of the vehicle are simple and smooth, and the body shell of the full package design is stylish and cool no matter from which angle it is viewed. The pallet on the bicycle can hold water cups and towels, which is convenient for moisturizing and wiping sweat during sports. The body does not need to be connected to the power cord, it can be moved anywhere, and it can save a lot of space without folding!

There is love in my heart, there is no sound under my feet

Xiaomi Yesoul M1

Compared with the noisy environment of the gym, this Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike looks soft and delicate when used. It adopts magnetic control resistance and belt transmission system, which can effectively avoid the generation of noise, smooth and silent when riding, no noisy neighbors, no disturbing family members, quiet and comfortable. At the same time, the feet make a circular movement in the resistance confrontation, which will not impact the knee. The reasonable ergonomic design can effectively avoid knee injury.

The bicycle uses an aluminum ring flywheel to make the magnetic cutting more uniform, and the ride is smooth and not stuck. It is small and compact, covering an area of ??only 0.5 square meters, and can be placed in any corner.

Intelligent data transmission, clear movement

Xiaomi Yesoul M1

Innovative App:

The mobile phone / pad can be directly connected to the Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike, which is convenient and fast. It is equipped with intelligent hardware that can provide real-time feedback of various sports data, such as cadence, resistance, power, mileage, calories consumed, etc. in real time, and multiple power intervals during exercise, to better control Sports effect, shaping fat burning is more efficient. Here you can also see your sports ranking in real time, join us and compete with riders all over the world!

High-value team coach carefully presents professional courses

Users can adjust the exercise intensity in real time according to the instructions of the coach, and enjoy the sweating and fat burning riding experience in dynamic music. YESOUL App can also order the previous courses, which coach do you like, and immediately flip the brand! You can enjoy the online guidance of professional coaches without leaving the house, face to face with the coach at home!

Xiaomi Yesoul M1

8 courses system, covering various training objectives, to meet your various training needs, whether it is fat burning, shaping, decompression or cardiopulmonary improvement, you can easily complete it at home. In the super-burning class atmosphere, unconsciously get rid of stress and flesh!

This bike was designed by a team that has won the German Red Dot Design Award, plus a civilian price of $807.98, which truly reflects the concept of Xiaomi Youpin’s insistence on making products that are “moving people with good prices”! A product with such a high cost performance , Are you ready to start?

Where to buy Xiaomi Yesoul M1 Spinning Bike?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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