Janobike T10 Electric Scooter 2000W Available at $900.99 (COUPON)

In the last period there is a lot of talk about ELECTRIC SCOOTERS , which have become the staple of modern SUSTAINABLE URBAN MOBILITY . Cheap, ecological, little maintenance required, easy to use and with respectable performance … this is what we all thought to date, or at least before knowing Janobike T10 Electric Scooter 2000W,


Janobike T10 2000W Electric Scooter Specification:

Brand Janobike
Vehicle Material Iron + Aluminum Alloy
Driver Double-drive
Maximum Speed 70km/h
Maximum Climbing 35°
Maximum Load 200kg
Hall Brushless Motor 52V 2000W
Battery 18650 lithium Battery
Battery capacity 51.8V 23.4Ah
Charging Time 5-8hours
Brake Oil Brake
Tire 10 Inches Pneumatic Tyre
Driving Mileage 80km
Choice attachment Highway tire
Body Size 118*52*128 cm
Folding Size 118*52*45cm
Body Weight 32kg

Janobike T10 2000W

What are we talking about? Obviously yet another electric scooter , so why be so surprised? Well, because the Janobike T10 Electric Scooter has TWO MOTORS as well 2000W , able to reach insane top speed of 70km / h with more than 80KM OF AUTONOMY thanks to the great BATTERY BUILT by 23.4AH 51.8V , a real monster on two wheels.


Janobike T10 2000W

A lot of power obviously needs a LOT of CONTROL , and for this reason the Janobike T10 Electric Scooter 2000W is entirely in metal (the weight is therefore considerable, about 32KG with a maximum load of 200KG ), which is associated with the large 10 ? WHEELS , front DISC BRAKES and rear piston, as on motorcycles, double rear suspension and, think, QUADRUPLE FRONT SUSPENSION . Obviously there is no shortage of LED spotlights at the ends of the vehicle.

Janobike T10 2000W

It would be almost “crazy” to think that you can reach similar speeds while standing and therefore precariously hovering on the scooter, for this reason the Janobike is supplied with SELLINO to be mounted separately, making it almost similar to an electric scooter , but with really high performance.

Janobike T10 Control:

Janobike T10 2000W

Also present is the small ON-BOARD COMPUTER from which we can set the maximum speed that can be reached by the vehicle and control various parameters such as the residual charge; the USB PORT is also convenient for charging the Smartphone or for connecting an external device. The Janobike T10 Scooter is foldable , but given the weight it is not very comfortable to carry by hand.

Janobike T10 2000W

In conclusion Janobike T10 is certainly the most powerful electric scooter on the market , with cutting-edge technical choices and superior performance to a low-displacement scooter, and even the PRICE is not bad, at the moment it is in fact available on BANGGOOD from EUROPEAN WAREHOUSES less than $900 using our COUPON that you will find BELOW !

Janobike T10 Electric Scooter Where to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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