Xiaomi Smartmi KN95 Face Mask available for just $6.88

The use of face masks has become ubiquitous to prevent dust, chemicals, and acute respiratory diseases especially since the outbreak of COVID 19. Xiaomi Smartmi KN95 Face Mask anti-haze professional 5-layer protective face cover is an Eco-friendly anti-pollution air mask. It is very effective and can block dust particle size smaller than PM2.5 and virus outside. It is fashioned with adjustable Ear Hanging 3D design Comfortable with Ventilating Valve. Most importantly, this mask can completely prevent users from the coronavirus pandemic which is currently ravaging different parts of the world.

Smartmi KN95 Face Mask

The device is designed with BREATHABLE TPU to meet different demands on various conditions with a negligible suffocating effect. Nano-fiber electret filtering technology, the air filter is apparently able to achieve PM2.5 filtration efficiency of up to 96%.

You can get this mask by clicking the link below;

Smartmi KN95 Face Mask

This mask is made with materials that are ecologically friendly like the polyurethane sponge material. The  3D split vault skeleton is designed efficiently not to mount any pressure on the users’ faces.
The TPU stretch film is equally made up of fine sponge, with a comfortable band, comfortable ear-hook design, strong tensile, and flexible fit.

The Large-caliber cold flow breathing valve is really efficient and users do not experience wetness. The large diameter cold flow breathing valve 40mm in diameter, 0.3mm thin silicone valve makes breathing natural even with the mask on.

Smartmi KN95 Face Mask

The new Smartmi KN95 Face Mask can be used by both adults and children. If you are working in an air polluted environment, this device is for you as it is efficient up to 96% in filtering particles even smaller than PM2.5. It can also be used to prevent yourself against the new Coronavirus and other viruses.

You can buy the Xiaomi Smartmi KN95 Face Mask from the link:


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