QCY T1S Vs T5S Wireless Earbuds Comparison: Which is worth of your money?

Today, we will put two TWS wireless earbuds from the same brand against each other. It is a detailed comparison between QCY T1S vs T5S TWS earbuds to expose various differences and similarities between them. If you look for inexpensive earphones without compromising on sound quality, this the page for you. So, let’s proceed.

The Chinese technology manufacturer QCY has promising space in the audio gadgets category. It regularly strives to update its product foil with peerless developments. It already has QCY T4, QCY T6, QCY T5S and many more with astounding specifications on the table.

On the other side, a customer glut has also aligned towards in-ear TWS wireless earbuds during recent years. Against wired headphones, wireless earbuds are convenient, easy-to-handle and performance-driven tools. Further, they offer excellent sound quality, better noise cancellation, improved connectivity and durable battery life, comparatively.

Accordingly, we have two contenders on the stage from the same producer to check their influence on the market. The QCY T1S TWS wireless earbuds arrived last year with scads of advanced modules and arresting exteriors. It features an in-ear physique with a rectangular-shaped case to ensure a hassle-free pocket-friendly approach.

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The QCY T5S earbuds, on the contrary, bring a bit different design with a stem. It also comes in the rectangular-shaped charging case and tons of impressive utilities to justice the price figure.

Well, both are great for everyday use, especially fitness lovers can fall in profound love with the duo. Let’s move towards the prime job of differentiating the QCY T5S vs QCY T1S earbuds to pick the winner. Let’s start.

QCY T1S Vs QCY T5S: What are the Differences Between the Two QCY Earbuds?

Design and Build

While conducting the physical examination of the duo, we come to learn lots of contrasts between them. One can recognise any of them quickly due to their different design aesthetics and binding.

The QCY T1S earbuds have a little structure, comparatively, with silicone ear-tips on top. The outer side integrates a physical button to control various hearing needs. It also has two magnetic charging points on each along with a microphone for voice calls.

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Further, the charging case is also designed astutely using the same ABS high-grade material. It is a rectangular contour with round edges. Inside, it has two holes to fit the buds. Overall, the product (buds plus case) weighs only 10g, and it measures 8×4.50×3 cm. The colour choices are black and white.

In the opposite camp, the QCY T5S also provides in-ear design but with a stem along with. The buds wear silicone ear tips on top and have charging magnetics and a microphone.

Moreover, the case design is the same as the competitor and hosts two holes inside to sit the buds. Each bud weighs 4.3g, whereas the case measures 95x55x20mm. The colour is black.

Sound Quality

Let’s jump to know the audio performance of both QCY T1S and QCY T5S earbuds. The QCY T1S offers good sound experience using the noise cancellation technique. It eliminates the background noises to a great extent to ensure high-fidelity and improves bass throughout.

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The competitor also produces adorable audio outputs on the bank of the 6mm driving unit as well as the DSP noise-cancelling approach. You are good to capture excellent music time on roads, airports, and other noisy places.


Well, the connectivity department runs the Bluetooth protocol in both cases. Both QCY T1S vs QCY T5S share the Bluetooth 5.0 technology to confirm uninterrupted and stable data transmission.

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Both competitors support auto-pairing, and the connection distance is 10m. The duo also configures lots of Bluetooth profiles like HSP, HFP, AAC, SBC, A2DP, and AVRCP etc.


The power departments in both cases are well-fortified with potent battery cells. In terms of QCY T5S earbuds, you will get a humongous 600 mAh battery in the charging case. Additionally, each bud carries 43 mAh power capacity to run for 4-5 hours per charge. It reaches up to 35 hours after joining the case box.

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The QCY T1S TWS earphones come with an even better 800 mAh battery in the case, alongside 45 mAh in each bud. Collectively, you will enjoy up to 32 hours of music time on each charge.

Additional Specifications

In others, the QCY T1S earbuds deliver low-battery indication to put the device on charging in time. It further serves users with high-quality phone calls thanks to a robust connectivity front.

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The QCY T5S wireless earbuds support game mode and Master-Slave connection. It also has a voice assistant, app setting, and wearing detection utilities in the pack.


In the verdict of the QCY T1S vs QCY T5S comparison, we can say both equipment to come with class specifications on the list. In most cases, both are similar on each front, but the QCY T1S looks more durable with greater battery capacity. However, the final call is yours.

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