The Best Mini Projectors 2020 : choose the king of cost performance

For those who live alone in a rental house, owning a projector is one of the wish lists, and the price of flagship products is generally high, so many people shift their consumption goals to mini portable projectors. The following is from the perspective of price, optical parameters, performance, etc., to extract the advantages of well-known Best mini projectors in 2020, to help you choose the king of cost performance.

The first : XGIMI MoGo Pro XK03S

Best Mini Projectors 2020

Recommended reason: 3 hours long battery life 16GB built-in storage all-glass lens Android 9.0

1. Long battery life: XGIMI MoGo Pro battery life can reach 3 hours , as a portable projection user, the most common scene is power off state Next watch a movie, and 3 hours of battery life basically meets this demand.

2. 16GB built-in storage capacity : Compared with other projectors with 8GB memory capacity, 16GB can guarantee users to download more third-party applications and videos.

3. All-glass lens : There are many projector lenses on the market that contain resin material, which will produce hot virtual focus after long-term operation. When the lens of XGIMI MoGo Pro is all-glass, this problem can be avoided to the greatest extent. .

4. When the XGIMI MoGo Pro features Android 9.0 OS system , it is light, fast, and free to use. The UI design of the interface has its uniqueness, and it can customize the order of each section, hide or stick to the top.

The second : XGIMI Play X

Best Mini Projectors 2020

Recommended reason: Harman Kardon audio supports side-projection 3D playback

1. Harman Kardon audio is standard for XGIMI projectors and is a world-class audio manufacturing brand, so XGIMI Play as an independent Bluetooth audio, its sound quality Better quality than other projectors.

2. Support side projection : XGIMI play X can perform trapezoid correction of ± 40 ° in the horizontal and vertical directions, and can be placed on narrow areas such as the head of the bed at will.

3. 3D playback : XGIMI Play X is equipped with special glasses, you can download the 3D source and enjoy the real shock of the blockbuster.

The third JmGO P2 

Best Mini Projectors 2020

Recommended reason: ± 90 ° free rotation dust cover

1. ± 90 ° free rotation : Because the appearance of the JmGO P2 is designed as a cylinder, the projector can be rotated by ± 90 °, which is convenient for users to project while lying down and watching movies To the ceiling.

2. Dust cover design: The back cover of the Nut P3 can be removed, which is convenient for users to clean the machine, because once the body hides too much dust, it will cause the projection screen to yellow and affect the product life.

.3.The capsule-shaped Bluetooth speaker-sized JmGO P2 uses a metal body, which can be put on a 180-inch giant screen and can be displayed on the same screen of the mobile phone and tablet. It supports Bluetooth connection and the HIFI speaker can play up to 10 hours of music.

The Fourth : Xiaomi Wanbo M5 

Best Mini Projectors 2020

Recommended reason: 1GB  + 16GB storage  + 17.800 lumens auto-focus

1. The 1GB operating memory can greatly reduce the stuck phenomenon caused by too many background applications, and compared to DDR3, Xiaomi Wanbo M5  is running at a faster rate A significant improvement has been made, and the power consumption is lower.

2. 17.800 lumens is approximately equal to ANSI800 lumens, which is another major advantage for other ANSI lumens 200-300 projectors, and the picture quality is better.

Fifth : Mijia Youth Edition 

Best Mini Projectors 2020

Recommended reason: MIUI TV system 0.33DMD USB3.0 interface

1. MIUI TV system: Mijia Projector has also developed its own smart operating system-MIUI, which is synchronized with the massive film and television resources of Xiaomi TV, and the system will follow the viewing habits Recommend customized content.

2. 0.33DMD: Unlike the 0.23-inch chip mounted on other mini projectors, the built-in chip of Mijia Youth Edition is 0.33, the number of micro lenses installed on the chip is greater, and the corresponding pixels are also higher, so Mijia Youth Edition The physical resolution is 720P, although it is not as good as the flagship product, but the picture resolution is higher than that of the same type of projector.

3. USB3.0 interface: Compared with the 2.0 interface, the transmission speed of USB3.0 is faster, which means that the reading speed of the external device is faster, which is also the trend of future projector interface equipment.

In summary, the author has extracted the advantages and highlights of each mini portable projector for all aspects of the projector, and hopes to help all of you in your purchase.



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