N95 vs KN95 Face Mask: Which Mask is More Protective?

Face masks are among the most indispensable prevention equipment to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Among mouth covers, the N95 mask is the most recommended by WHO and other health experts. Today, in this guide, we would like to discuss the differences between the N95 vs KN95 face mask. Aplenty of misconceptions and myths are prevailing out there in the society regarding these masks.

Because of the widespread tendency of the virus, preventive tools like face masks, sanitizers are running short. It has deviated the world from roots with a destructive approach. Billions of people have succumbed to death and many are in severe condition.

When it comes to protection gears, face masks appear to be common and compulsory among others. Today’s post will elaborate on different types of masks, especially the KN95 and N95 etc. You will learn whether the N95 mask can be used in place of KN95. Similarly, there are also many sub-types of the N95 face masks, i.e. N95 1860, N95 9210 and N95 8210 etc. Thus, this guide intends to dispel all your doubts while choosing among the N95 vs KN95 masks.

What is N95 and KN95 Face Mask?

Before we proceed to the further discussion, let’s know what the N95 and KN95 face masks actually are. What differentiates these two types of face covers? Let’s discover.

The N95 face mask fulfils the guidelines of the United States NIOSH certification. It implies the filtration efficiency level that is 95% for non-oily particles.

On the other side, the KN95 mask acknowledges all the requisites of China GB2626 standards. In this term, the ‘GB’ denotes China Standards. It also concerns the filtration efficiency of up to 95% with regard to the non-oily substances.

Hence, it is evident from the above definitions that both N95 and KN95 masks the same in terms of filtration efficiency, such that 95%. It is recommended to be very effective to withstand the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Following the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) official statement, the KN95 mask is close to the N95 in terms of efficiency. It can be used as in place of N95, which is witnessing critical shortage.

According to the world’s giant face mask maker 3M, the N95 is pretty similar to the KN95 and can be used interchangeably. Ultimately, the KN95 face masks have a great role to perform against the COVID-19 outbreak following the shortage of the N95.

KN95 Vs N95 Vs FFP2 Vs FFP3 Vs KF94 Vs KN90: What are these models?

Apart from the N95 and KN95 models, we also have lots of other face mask models like FFP2, FFP3, KF94, KN90 and more. What these models represent and what is the difference between them?

It is quite simple to understand letters in front of each mask type. Actually, these letters refer to different national standards of filtration efficiency as the N95 and KN95 do. As we learned above, the KN series masks indicate the Chinese standards, whereas the ‘N’ represents the American NIOSH standard.

Accordingly, the KF series and FFP series face masks divulge the Korean and European standards, respectively.

Now, let’s comes to post-letter numbers. It tells the protection ability of the device. The large the number value, the better the protection efficiency. For instance, 95 suggests the capability to filter out up to 95% of non-oily particles. Therefore, the mask with 90-rating will be a bit fragile when it comes to filtration potential.

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You will be a little confused about the capacities of FFP2 and FFP3 masks. In reality, both are equally capable of confronting the non-oily matters. The number 2 in the FFP mask corresponds to 95. Further, the FFP3 mask is even better with up to 99% rating.

Another thing to note that if any mask includes V at the end of its name, it means that it has a breathing valve on it. For example, the N95 8210V face mask.

While aligning up all the protective equipment as per filtration capabilities, we get;


N95 Face Mask – buying guide for different models

In addition to the N95 8210V face mask, we also have a number of other models of N95. It comes in the shape of N95 9210, N95 1860, N95 8210 and many more variants. So, what all these are meant for? What is the basic difference between different N95 models? Which is worth buying? Read on to learn more.

3M says that most efficient face masks are explicit from their outside cover. It is a cinch to identify the model name, NIOSH certification, and other related knowledge.

N95 8210 Face Mask

It is among the most common types of N95 mask available on the market. It has the potential to remove up to 95% of solid or liquid non-oily substances with 0.3 microns or more diameter. It adopts the advanced electrostatic medium technology to capture the particles effectively, and let the wearer breathe smoothly.

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Furthermore, the N95 8210 also has an economical version of N95-8200 with braided headbands. Along with, another edition N95-8110S is specially designed for those with small faces.

N95 8210V Face Mask

This edition features the Cool Flow Breather, a breathing valve as mentioned above. It makes it convenient to breathe and keep your face cool and moisture-free. These masks are more comfortable to wear in humid and hot climatic conditions. When you need to wear a mask for a long time, it is a perfect choice.

Despite accumulating the same protection value and N95 standards, the N95 mask with a breathing valve doesn’t offer two-way protection.

N95 8511 Face Mask

Equivalent to the above-discussed mask, the N95 8511 is also abundantly popular with a breathing valve. It also keeps your face cool and acutely comfortable for long-time wearing in humid and hot atmospheres. In addition, M-shaped nose clips and braided headbands provide further comfort.

In place of the ‘N’ series, the market portrays P95 and R95 masks as well. Both products are effective in brutal climates to withstand oily and non-oily particles.

N95 Face mask best price

The P series mask covers are oil-resistant for enhanced protection in the oil environment. On the other hand, the R series masks are oil fog repellent.

Some of the ’R’ and ‘P’ series masks are R95-8240, R95-8246, R95-8247, P95-8271, P95-8576, and P95-8577 etc.

N95 Surgical Mask

Furthermore, N95 surgical or medical masks are more fluid-resistant as compared to other industrial N95 masks. It provides better protection against infectious liquids and blood splashes etc. It also blocks airborne biological particles and ratifies the CDC’s tuberculosis control guidelines.

The N95 surgical masks care effectively against bacteria. But ordinary people do not need to buy and wear this type of mask. Both N95 medical and industrial masks follow the N95 protection standards and offer up to 95% of filtration efficiency.

Here are some common examples of N95 surgical masks – N95-1860, N95-187+, N95-1804/1805.


Hopefully, you would have understood what differences N95 and KN95 face masks actually carry. As you read, there is no noteworthy difference between KN95 vs N95. Both are similar, featuring equal filtration efficiency that is 95%. We can’t argue about their capabilities.

Well, we all should hope the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to soothe soon so that we can stay away from wearing masks anymore.

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