Huami N95 face mask will allow you to use Facial Expressions to unlock Smartphones

The COVID-19 pandemic had led all the government officials and other health advisory to use the face masks. Many countries like India, the United States, and many parts of Europe have mandated the masks. Now the N95 masks are said to be the best masks used all over the world. Using the masks has made it impossible to unlock the smartphones which use Face unlock. Now, Huami is going to make the relief from this problem. A smart wearable is now making the new N95 masks, and these masks will be compatible with Face unlock for smartphones. This will name as Huami N95 face masks.

Features of Xiaomi Huami N95 Face mask:

Nowadays, biometric security is leading the smartphone market. It is the centre stage for smartphones. New devices come with the Face unlock features. Many of the smartphones are not compatible with the N95 masks as the smartphones scan the certain face marks to unlock the phone.

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Huami N95 face mask price

We learned that the Huami brand of Amazfit is not working on getting your problem away from Face unlock. At the start of this month, we get to know that the company was working on the project “Project uSmile.” And now, the news of this Huami N95 mask has made it sure that the uSmile project will be about to ease the social distancing.

Huami N95 face mask best offer

The date of launch is yet to reveal, but we get the concept images of the protective mask. The name of the masks will be known as “Aeri.” They say that the mask will have a transparent body that will allow the facial expressions for the Face unlock.

The best part of the mask is that you will not have to change the mask after a few hours. As you will get the filter pad alongside a ventilation fan. The masks are flexible and will fit perfectly around the Face. And now you can charge the Xiaomi Huami N95 Face mask with the Type C port.


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