Huami N95 face mask: A Face mask that will work with Face Unlock on our mobile phones!

Very soon the masks will enter our lives for good and will be necessary for most of our walks outside the house. Many countries are calling for their use, with the N95 masks offering the best possible protection against the new virus that has changed our lives so much. Now the well-known Huami, the company of Xiaomi that gives us the wonderful Amazfit, announces that it is preparing N95 masks compatible with Face Unlock on our mobile phones!

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Huami N95 face mask

Face Unlock has entered our lives for good in recent years, as you will hardly find a device (anymore) without this feature. Unfortunately, with conventional masks, it is not possible to unlock our mobile phone, with Huami is coming to fill the gap. With the amazing device this features would be embedded

The masks prepared by Huami are part of the “Aeri” program and the goal is to offer security and transparency so that Face Unlock works. As shown in the photos, the masks will have a filter (to be replaced) and a built-in UV light.

Of course, they will be flexible masks that will adapt safely and comfortably to the face, while charging through a Type-C port. More information, as well as their cost, we will find out in time!

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