QCY T5 Pro True wireless Bluetooth Headsets finally launched

Today, On April 29, 2020, the news is Xiaomi Youpin got up with the new true wireless headsets named as QCY T5 Pro. The wireless headset comes with the binaural moving iron Bluetooth. And now the price of the headsets is 149. 9 Yuan and the product is now available for purchase.

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Features of QCY T5 Pro:

We learn from the news that the QCY T5 Pro use the full-frequency moving iron as we have told in the starting. Now the best feature you get in the headsets is that you get them with the wireless charging box. Just like the Apple AirPods, these headsets also detect the ear and automatically turns on. Another feature you get is the pop-up auto-matching just like other best earphones in the market.

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The T5 Pro also gets the game mode, and game mode delays 65ms.

The headsets come with the high-frequency moving iron with high stability. The headsets are highly sensitive and excellent durability.

Rather than the less, you get the reverse charging in the QCY T5 Pro wireless box. It means when you are in an emergency situation, and your phone is not charged. You can charge your phone by using the headset box. The wireless headset box is 600mAh battery.

The headsets can be used for 4-5 hours of back-up. So, in all, you can charge your headsets three times, which means overall about 12-12 hours of battery life.

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