Buy Xiaomi Yunmai YMPB-A601 Push-up Support Holder For Just $39.99 (Coupon Deal)

Do you want to build yourself a strong chest, powerful arms and broad shoulders? Then you will definitely like the Xiaomi Yunmai YMPB-A601 Push-up Support Holder. Due to its compactness and lightness, it can even make a gym out of small space, where you only need to spend a couple of minutes a day to develop a healthy habit and confidently begin the path to the desired result.  Xiaomi Yunmai presents a board that helps you to do push-ups. This board can also be folded into a bag so as to facilitate the process of carrying this push-up board. There are many holes that you can adjust the push-up handle to train certain muscles.

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The ergonomic design of the Yunmai push-ups rack allows you to not only pump up your pectoral muscles but also correct your posture for exercise to achieve the best result. Four different colors show the location of the exercise handles for different muscle groups. More than ten different modes allow you to choose a combination to dilute boring exercises with new difficulties and achieve new heights.

The Yunmai stand is made of durable but lightweight ABS plastic in a patented folding form that allows you to quickly fold the stand and put it into storage or take it with you for training. Moreover, for training, you need only a flat surface on which you can quickly decompose and begin classes. And after training, the rack can also be quickly folded into the shape of a small suitcase and put away somewhere where it will not interfere.

Yunmai strictly monitors the quality of every detail. The case made of ABS plastic is combined with axes made of polyoxymethylene (POM plastic), which are not afraid of friction and strengthen the structure of the rack, allowing it to withstand the most intense activities. When you decide to try a new pose for push-ups, you will have reliable support all the way to the perfect body. Among the many modes and combinations, everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Beginners can start with easy exercises, gradually developing a pose and moving from simple to complex. More experienced users can immediately challenge themselves and start with the difficult, increasing the effectiveness of training.

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Coupon Code: GKB398S

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