Icewheel E9 Electric Scooter Now available for $166.16

As the calls for energy conservation and environmental protection continue to increase, people’s travel methods are constantly changing. Especially in the short-distance driving process, the car, a vehicle that consumes a lot of pollution and has a lot of restrictions, has become somewhat backward. Replaced by various lithium batteries, electric scooters and balance bikes. Recently Icewheel technology once again launched a new product- Icewheel E9

Icewheel E9

The Icewheel E9 is a somatosensory lithium electric skateboard balancing bike. Compared with the traditional balancing car in the world, it adds multiple innovative technologies to avoid several disadvantages of the traditional car during driving, increasing the convenience of travel Safety, but also makes life full of fun.

Icewheel E9 : Fashionable appearance, simple and textured

Icewheel E9

The Icewheel E9 scooter has always been a fashion endorsement, so it is also extremely demanding for the appearance design. The appearance of E9 tends to be light and luxurious. The pure black or pure white surface improves the visual grade of the car. The aluminum alloy is integrated into a touch structure that is not cumbersome, not eye-catching, and does not stand out. In the age of dark explosions, this design is definitely the favorite of fashionable young people.

Somatosensory speed change, intelligent and flexible

This is a design that Youth likes very much. Traditional electric scooters use physical acceleration to complete acceleration, which is dangerous and inflexible. Icewheel E9 has completely ended the era of physical acceleration of electric scooters. Through the somatosensory design of an efficient brushless motor, it will sense the strength of cycling and other places when it starts, so as to intelligently set the starting speed and complete constant speed driving.

Icewheel E9

As we all know, the worst thing about driving on congested roads is that the speed cannot be fixed, stop and go, fast and slow. If you simply use physical acceleration, you will inevitably increase the amount of operation of the bicycle, and your attention will be distracted. It is easy to cause traffic accidents caused by inattention. E9 adopts somatosensory speed change. When the road starts wide, you can increase the speed by pedaling hard. When the speed reaches 7km / h, it will automatically provide electric assistance. When the road is congested, you can use the brake to slow down and use human power to slow down. It is more convenient to operate.

Icewheel E9

Icewheel E9 : Easy operation and worry-free storage

Speaking of which, many netizens will ask, what should I do if there is no electricity? Well, this is indeed a problem that electric scooters must face. However, Icewheel E9 fully considered this problem in the design, and used high technology to achieve a seamless compatible connection between manpower and electric power. When the power is insufficient or no power, it can be used as an ordinary scooter.

Icewheel E9

In addition, the Icewheel E9 design also fully considers the storage problem. Lifting the handle directly can fold the whole body, which saves space and makes storage more convenient.

Of course, in addition to these explosion points, in addition to the full body folding, it also has the advantages of strong shock absorption, super endurance of 10 hours, and explosion-proof vacuum tires on the front and rear wheels. When it is most user-friendly, its faucet has three high and low gears that can be adjusted, which can be used as a short-distance travel or as a children’s entertainment tool.

Icewheel E9 vs Icewheel E9N vs Icewheel E9S vs Icewheel E9SN

Model E9 E9N E9S E9sN
Material Aluminum alloy
Wheel Size 8 inch
Motor Power 150W 180W
Max Speed 12km/h 15km/h 16km/h 20km/h
Max Mileage 8/10km 6/9km 10/14km 8/12km
Protection Level IP65
Battery Size 22V 2.6/4.0Ah 29V 2.6/4.0Ah
Charge Time 2.5/4.0h 3.5/4.0h
Function Kick accelerate, cruise thumb accelerate Kick accelerate, cruise thumb accelerate, brake, cruise
Size 860*320*135mm (fold) 925*320*135mm (fold)
Net Weight 8.5Kg 8.8Kg
Gross Weight 10.5Kg 11Kg
Max Loading 100Kg

Icewheel E9 electric scooter Where to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest. Remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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