MSI Launches the Latest 30-Inch Optix MAG301CR Gaming Monitor

The technology developer MSI has just entered the market with its well-enriched gaming display, named MSI Optix MAG301CR 30” Curve Gaming Monitor. It brings an array of advanced tools to take the charge again to set trends in the gaming wing. Let’s explore further the rest of the scene.

Features of MSI MAG301CR Gaming monitor:

Well, the new Optix MAG301CR 30” Gaming Monitor is a 30” WFHD ultra-wide gaming panel to offer you a competitive edge with 200Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and 2560x1080p resolution.

Further, the panel houses the FreeSync technology to allow you to match the display’s refresh rate with the GPU unit to grab ultra-smooth gameplay. It also has the latest MSI technology to gain the apex of immersion. Ultimately, users will get smoother graphics in competitive games to incite the overall gaming experience.

The latest Optix MAG301CR Monitor provides the wide 21:9 surface as compared to the traditional 16:9 panel. It ensures to enlarge the overall screen size to enjoy a wider viewing angle. Similarly, the large area boosts working space to allow better multitasking capabilities. It also increases operations and gaming efficiency to a significant level.

Moreover, the gaming display also pushes excellent contrast and image smoothness to make your competitive games smoother besides ensuring great on web browsing and multimedia content. Eventually, the pack is ideal for those looking to enjoy games and entertainment no the same podium.

In additional algorithms, the MSI MAG301CR Gaming Monitor is fortified by the Gaming OSD app to control the display via software. It allows you to customize display setting and then apply the changes automatically when you turn the display on. The panel also an HDR technology, 200Hz refresh rate to obtain better colour contrast and accuracy. The Night Vision is another program for detailed dark areas of the screen.

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