Fiido Q1 Electric Scooter Offered For $599.99

The means of transportation for living in the city are very important, from airplanes and cars to motorcycles and bicycles. It brings us a lot of convenience. Nowadays, many cities have adopted measures to ban traffic and limit electricity to manage traffic. Although motorcycles Convenient, but it does appear a bit dangerous in cities with a large crowd, and the emergence of electric vehicles can solve this problem well. With the development of technology, electric vehicle technology has become more and more mature, and has gradually become an indispensable means of transportation for people. Recently I saw a FIIDO Q1 electric bike which is positioned among children and parents. There are ivory white, grass green and Chinese red to choose from. Both parents and children are suitable.


FIIDO Q1 Review : Be happy and safe


It is the nature of children to love playing, but on the other hand, this nature is also easy to cause harm to children. It is often seen that many children will be restless when sitting behind an electric car, and they will reach out to catch good-looking things. Or sleep, and parents who drive in front ca n’t take it into account. As parents should pay attention to this problem, the FIIDO Q1 parent-child electric car solves this problem very well. It designs the child seat in the front position, which not only guarantees a small The safety of the child also moves the center of gravity of the entire car to the middle, making it safer to drive, and the child’s every move under the eyes can be noticed.


FIIDO Q1 : Design

FIIDO Q1 adopts a unique patented aluminum alloy frame design, which is wear-resistant and not easy to rust. The overall body is a three-group parallel line structure, simple and strong, and can withstand a weight of 120 kg. Considering that the owner is mainly young mother, FIIDO The weight of Q1 is only 17 kg, and the lightweight body is convenient for mothers to move. FIIDO Q1 also provides a folding version that can be folded to a height of 67cm, and can be easily placed in the trunk when traveling.


Pay attention to details and escort home carefully

The FIIDO Q1 electric bike uses a disc brake design instead of a cheap drum brake design. The disc brake can ensure that there is no lock when braking, and The disc brake design is used before and after to ensure the time is consistent and protect the safety of the people on the car.


Although the FIIDO Q1 parent-child electric car is small, the tires are also ambiguous. Two 12-inch 2.125-inch thick and new tires can provide good vibration filtering for the car, with the disc brake effect and the pattern texture design on the tire.


FIIDO Q1 abandons the traditional metal car key and adopts the advanced remote control key design. An upgraded anti-theft alarm is more safe and secure.

FIIDO Q1’s lights and speakers are integrated, which saves space and looks simple. It is used to illuminate the road home at night. The “yan handle” handlebar can increase the comfort of the grip, half The stick-type throttle can adjust the grip method to reduce hand pain after a long time driving. An LCD screen is also designed beside the handlebar. The driving information is displayed here.


The small FIIDO Q1 parent-child electric car can easily enter the elevator. It will not create a problem for people living in high-rises. The FIIDO Q1 parent-child electric car can not only carry children but also have a place for daily travel shopping for hot moms. The car basket behind can hold a lot of objects.


FIIDO Q1 Battery:

Although it is an electric car, the FIIDO Q1 is also inferior in terms of battery life. It can be used for 55 kilometers at a time, which is enough for people who travel short distances. The specially adjusted brushless toothed motor is more powerful. Even climbing is not a problem.


The safety of the child is the most important. As a parent, the child should create a safe and happy living environment for the child. FIIDO Q1 parent-child electric car can easily become the best carrying tool for parents and children. This can not only ensure the safety of travel but also To increase parent-child interaction, the first car in life starts with FIIDO Q1.

FIIDO Q1 Where to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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