TICWRIS GTS vs Kospet PROBE: Best $50 Smartwatch?

Looking to buy the Best under $50 Smartwatch? Then let me introduce you to the all-new Ticwris GTS and Kospet PROBE. In this article, I will be comparing Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE and test them in terms of Design, Audio Quality, Battery life and more. Not all of us can afford a high-end Smartwatch, and some of us don’t want to splurge money on one. Luckily, companies are striving to provide users with an affordable Smartwatch while still providing them with a great experience with all the necessary features. A great example that depicts that smartwatches need not be expensive and still be brilliant- Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE. Read on to know more.

Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE:

Design: Which Smartwatch looks Stunning?

The Ticwris GTS Smartwatch takes a safe step with its design by following the foot-steps of the Apple Watch, rectangular form factor with curved edges.

The main distinction that you’d find between the Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE is the shape of the dial. The Ticwris GTS comes with a square dial and its design reminds us of the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch. Another difference is in the materials used in both models-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. Although the Ticwris GTS has a poly-carbonate body, the Smartwatch carries itself elegantly. It is available in three various colors which include black, pink and blue. My personal favorite is the black one as it goes well for all occasions and it has a classic look. If you prefer experimenting, then either the blue or baby pink would be a perfect choice. With the Smartwatch having a detachable strap, you could even swap the current color with a different one according to your choice. There is a single crown present in both the Smartwatches.

TICWRIS GTS vs Kospet PROBE Design Smartwatch Comparsion

Kospet Probe has a classic round dial which we’ve all gotten used to seeing growing up. The Zinc-Magnesium alloy case gives the Smartwatch a premium look without giving away the low price. It has a carbon fibre back case which ensures that the Smartwatch doesn’t cause discomfort when it is in contact with your skin. Kospet Probe is also available in three colors which include black/red, black/green and black/grey. Although the body comes in black, the strap color varies. It comes with a dual-color silicone strap which blends in well with the body of the Smartwatch.

The Kospet Probe Smartwatch only weighs around 49 grams, and it has a thickness of 13.5 mm. When it comes to picking a Smartwatch based on design it is a tough choice in the comparison of Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE. The premium material used in the Kospet Probe does make it a better option if you prefer a circular dial.

Advantage: Kospet Probe

How’s the display in both?

TICWRIS GTS vs Kospet PROBE Smartwatch Comparsion

The Smartwatch has a 1.3 inch screen in both models-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. With tempered glass, the Kospet Probe gets protection from any damage or scratch. The Ticwris GTS display has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Thus, the display of both Smartwatches provides you with vivid images, and the brightness level is just right.

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What’s under the hood in both these Smartwatches?

The Smartwatch comes with the Nordic 52832 chip in both the Smartwatches-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. Neither of the Smartwatches have enough storage space to store music but when you consider the price, it is worth overlooking. There is a gravity sensor in both models-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. In terms of connectivity, there is a slight difference in the Bluetooth version between the Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE. The Kospet Probe comes with Bluetooth 4.2, and the Ticwris GTS has Bluetooth 4.0. They’re both compatible with Android and IOS devices.

What Fitness and Health Features do they offer?

Both the Smartwatches aid you in taking care of your health and help you achieve your fitness goals. The only difference between the Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE in terms of fitness is the number of sports modes. There are seven different sports modes in Ticwris GTS while Kospet Probe has eight multi-sports modes. The Smartwatch is water-resistant with an IP rating of IP68 in both models-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. With an IP68 rating, both the Smartwatches get protection against dust, dirt and sand. They also get protection from submersion in water up to 1.5 m for around 30 minutes. Similar to a lot of Smartwatches, both of them can calculate your steps, distance and calories as well.

The Ticwris GTS offers Real-time Body Temperature detection and that’s something new on a under $50 smartwatch.

In terms of health, there is a heart rate monitor in both Smartwatches-Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE. The heart monitor calculates your heart rate to ensure that it does not go beyond the normal range. You can also calculate yourblood oxygen and blood pressure level in both of them. There’s also a sleep monitor in both models-Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS. Additionally, the Ticwris GTS also monitors your body temperature. You can set a high body temperature alarm so that you get an alert if it exceeds the value you’ve set. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of health between the Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE except for the addition of a body temperature monitor in the Ticwris GTS.

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Which one offers a better battery life?

The difference between the Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE in terms of specs is the battery size. The Ticwris GTS has a 160 mAh battery which can provide power for up to 5 days. It can last longer on standby, providing you with 20 days of battery life. Kospet Probe, in contrast, has a 250 mAh battery which gives the Smartwatch a battery life of 15 days. What’s incredible is that the company claims that the Smartwatch can last for 60 days in standby mode, which means you don’t have to charge it at all for around two months. The Kospet Probe takes the win with incredible battery life in the comparison of Kospet PROBE vs Ticwris GTS.

Advantage: Kospet Probe

Verdict: TICWRIS GTS vs Kospet PROBE

TICWRIS GTS vs Kospet PROBE Smartwatch Comparsion

It’s hard to pick a winner when they both share similar features. However, the Kospet Probe does have a few advantages in the comparison of Ticwris GTS vs Kospet PROBE. When it comes to battery life, the Kospet Probe does take the prize home. The Smartwatch is also made of premium materials, and the display has tempered glass for protection.

The Ticwris GTS turns out to be a great smartwatch if you’re looking for something to wear classy and lightweight. On the other hand, the Kospet PROBE is filled with features and better battery life, although a really bad UI.

On the other hand, the only advantage the Ticwris GTS has is a body temperature monitor. If you’ve always wanted the Amazfit GTS at a low price, the Ticwris GTS is the perfect alternative choice with a similar design. They both have an IP68 rating, heart rate monitor and multi-sport modes. Both models also calculate your blood oxygen and blood pressure levels. The only drawback is the internal storage and RAM size. Considering the price of both Smartwatches, they offer a lot even though they’re under $50. They’re both a great option if you require a great looking Smartwatch with several features at an affordable price.


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