QCY T6 (2020) vs QCY T5: Which One is Better?

Looking for the Best under $50 True Wireless Earbuds? Maybe it’s time that I introduce to the all-new QCY T6. Wireless Earbuds are a boon that helps you to escape from the hassle of twisted wires and making the listening experience extremely comfortable. So today we have decided to help you choose your next TWS Earbuds by comparing two of the best QCY T6 vs QCY T5.

The gaming mode in QCY T5 is what makes it stand out among competitors. QCY T6 is a recent addition and the incredible battery life is its most incredible feature. Which one is the better option between the QCY T6 vs T5? Well, that’s what you’re going to find out in the comparison article.

QCY T6 vs QCY T5:

Audio and Call Quality: Which QCY offers better audio quality?

If you had checked my article on the “10 Best TWS Chinese Earbuds”, QCY T5 easily made to the TOP 3. But I think its time to step down because the QCY T6 has absolutely mind-blowing sound quality.

The improvement that you’ll find in QCY T6 TWS in terms of audio quality is that it has extra bass making it great for bass lovers. Also surprisingly QCY has introduced Noise Cancellation in a under $50 earbuds, which makes it a great choice when you want some peace and distraction from the busy and noisy world. It’s also possible to control your earphones and add music equalizer with the app.

QCY T6 vs QCY T5 Design

The treble, bass and alto are balanced out well in QCY T5. The alto outshines the rest and the vocals are crisp and clear. For those who love instrumentals, the QCY T5 is a great choice between the QCY T6 vs QCY T5 as you can hear the instruments being played in the background clearly. There’s DSP noise cancellation, which ensures that the noise from outside won’t interrupt you. If you’re a bass lover, the QCY T6 TWS is a better option between the QCY T6 vs T5. In terms of call quality, it’s great in both the models-QCY T5 vs T6.

Design: QCY T6 vs QCY T5

The Earbuds have a black body in both models-QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The color is the only similarity that you’d notice between the QCY T6 vs T5. Unlike most earphones that have a detachable ear hook, the QCY T6 TWS has a fixed ear hook. You’ll find the QCY logo on the outside part of the EarBud, making it visible for others to notice, but only if they look closely. Each EarBud has a silicone tip for the right fit in both models-QCY T5 vs T6. While it might not be lightweight, it only weighs around 8.2 grams.

On the contrary, the EarBud of QCY T5 has a stem design similar to the Apple Airpods Pro. The Apple Airpods have been well-established and taken over the industry. Although it does look similar to Airpods Pro, there are some differences including the stem which is longer, and there is no in-ear grill in QCY T5. It is also lightweight, weighing only 4.3 grams. When it comes to choosing between the QCY T5 vs T6, the QCY T5 has a more attractive design, but the design of QCY T6 TWS allows it to sit more securely on your ears.

Charging Case Design

It’s a surprise that the case of QCY T6 is small although it has a large battery. With the QCY T6 case taking on a square shape with round edges, it’s easy to slip it into your pocket. It’s convenient to carry while traveling as well. Similar to most earphone cases, the case has a flip-top lid in both models-QCY T6 vs QCY T5. At the front of the case, there’s a single LED light. The case of QCY T5, in contrast, has a case in a rectangular shape, which comes with smooth edges. The QCY logo is present on top of the lid in both models. In QCY T6, it’s more subtle in black while in QCY T5, it comes in white, making it easier to notice the logo. There are two LED lights at the front, which indicates the charging status of the QCY T6 case.

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Do they make your life convenient?

The Earbuds have a water resistance rating in both models-QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The QCY T6 Earbud has an IPX4 rating which only protects it from water splashes in any direction. QCY T5, contrariwise, has an IPX5 rating, which makes it resistant to water projection from a nozzle. With both models having an IP rating, these earphones are great for working out at home or the gym. A higher water resistance rating does give QCY T5 an added advantage in the comparison of QCY T6 vs T5. However, the design of QCY T6 makes it a better option while working out as your earphones won’t fall out while doing strenuous activities. Thus, choosing between the QCY T5 vs T6 depends on whether you require a higher IP rating or a secure fit.

Touch controls

The fact that you only have to tap either of the Earbuds to control music playback and manage calls makes life much more convenient. That’s not all, but it eliminates the discomfort you experience with button controls as well. We can control the earphones with touch gestures in both models-QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The controls are similar except for a few differences in the comparison of QCY T6 vs T5.

In both wireless earphones, you only have to double-tap to play/pause music and to answer/end a call. Ignoring a call requires you to long-press either earbud. Skipping to the next track requires you to press the right Earbud for 2s while the same on the left Earbud goes back to a previous track. The only difference between the QCY T5 vs T6 lies in activating the voice assistant. Three taps on the right bud activate the voice assistant in QCY T6 TWS while doing the same in QCY T5 turns on the gaming mode. Tapping the left bud thrice summons the voice assistant in QCY T5. In case it’s tough to remember the default functions, it’s possible to customize it in QCY T6 TWS. You can use the EarBuds of QCY T5 in stereo or mono mode.

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The earphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 in both the models-QCY T6 vs QCY T5. Although the connectivity is improved with Bluetooth 5.0, sometimes you experience a lag in the audio while streaming videos. Luckily, there is gaming mode which corrects this problem in QCY T5. With lower latency, there is no lag in the audio, making it perfect for playing games. However, it does decrease the battery life faster. The Bluetooth distance is around 10-15 meters in both models-QCY T6 vs T5.

The foremost reason people choose wireless earphones is for the sake of convenience and easy connectivity. Connecting the QCY T5 Earbuds with your phone is easy, which only requires you to pick up the earbuds from its case. Placing the QCY T5 Earbuds back in the case switches them off. QCY T6 TWS has pairing animation similar to the Apple Airpods.

Battery Life

There is a difference in the battery life between the QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The QCY T6 Earbuds have a 60 mAh battery and its case has a battery size of 600 mAh. The company claims that the Earbuds can provide 6 hours of battery life and around 30 hours when you include the case. QCY T5, on the other hand, packs a 40 mAh battery while its case has a 380 mAh battery. It has a battery life of 4-5 hours with just the Earbuds. If you include the case, it provides a playback time of around 24 hours.

Advantage: QCY T6 TWS

Verdict: QCY T6 vs QCY T5

QCY T6 vs QCY T5 Earbuds TWS Review

TWS Earbuds are all about balanced audio profiles and stunning battery life. With the ergonomic changes with the QCY T6 and its incredible battery life, it turns out to be a great choice. The QCY T6 fits securely on your ear, making it a great option for working out. It doesn’t end there, but it also has a better battery life, custom control, and pop-up animation. In terms of audio quality, QCY T6 TWS has better bass.

The QCY T6 TWS Earbuds takes the crown in this ultimate comparison.

While on the other hand, QCY T5 is lightweight and has a better design. QCY T5 TWS is a great choice for audiophiles. It has a higher IP rating and there’s gaming mode. Thus if we put the lightweight design of the QCY T5 aside and look at the internals and experience offered then the QCY T6 TWS Earbuds seems like a brilliant choice. Anyways do share your views on these two earbuds on the comment section below.

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