QCY T5S TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Go Official with improved Battery Life

QCY just lands the market with its upgraded wireless earbuds, dubbed QCY T5S. it is the successor to the previous QCY T5 TWS, which had also provided with top-notch specifications on the table. One of the most lucrative features of the new device is enhanced battery life. Against the 380 mAh battery of the previous, the QCY T5S earbuds come with an abundant 600 mAh battery in the powerhouse.

Nowadays, people used to listen to their favourite tracks via headphones, especially wireless equipment with Bluetooth support. In recent times, Bluetooth headphones have become quite popular because of the pocket-friendly and portable physique.

The QCY T5S TWS earbuds are stunningly impressive with a price tag of only 30 US dollars. Is it worth buying?

Though it is the updated edition of the QCY T5, both are almost identical in terms of physical build. Obviously, the main attraction is the power compartment. It also supports a mobile app’ not very useful though, but longevity is quite practical. Concluding the power life of earbuds, the combo is likely to serve you with up to 35 hours of battery life. Hence, you can listen to music for days on a single charge.

QCY T5S TWS Bluetooth Earbuds launch

Furthermore, the QCY T5S TWS earbuds are constructed superbly with a longer handle. It is advantageous in phone calling. The microphone is integrated at the bottom of the handle so that the calling will be clearer and hassle-free.

When you open the charging case, you will find two earbuds are placed side-by-side in a clever arrangement. The magnetic contact charging module helps hold it in the accurate place. It is quicker in connection establishment. As soon as you take the earbuds out of the case, you will be able to use instantly. It also features a touch control for respective operations.

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