Alfawise V10 Max Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $259.99

Alfawise is a Chinese high-tech company specializing in robot vacuum cleaner production. Now, it has entered the domain with another fully-fledged cleaning machine, dubbed the Alfawise V10 Max Vacuum Cleaner. It is currently gaining pre-order on the Chinese online platform Gearbest against an impressive $259.99 price.

The brand-new Alfawise V10 Max adopts lots of innovative features on the table. The biggest highlight is the 360-degree laser radar along with the dual functionality. It can sweep and mop simultaneously to save time and energy.

Alfawise V10 max

Some of the other dedicated specifications of the V10 Max vacuum cleaner include 450ml water tank and 400ml dustbin capacity, 2200pa suction power, app control + virtual wall, voice control and multiple sensors etc.

Alfawise V10 Max vacuum cleaner Features and Specifications

Alfawise V10 Max vacuum cleaner Design and Build

The V10 Max robot vacuum cleaner features a classical round-shaped design and ABS plastic material stature. Further, it fetches 4 side brushes, 2 HEPA filters, water and dust tank, and 2 mop systems.

The top-end hosts the LIDAR + SLAM sensor, a power on/off button along with the brand logo in black alphabets. Overall, the smart vacuum cleaner looks sturdy and ergonomic with some superfine build craftsmanship.

Best Alfawise vacuum cleaner

Physically, the vacuum cleaner measures 34 x 34 x 10 cm, whereas it weighs 3.5kg. The only colour choice is limited to White.

LIDAR + SLAM Sensors

Admittedly, the V10 Max installs a 360-degree LASER and SLAM configurations to chalk out the surroundings precisely. Further, it will identify the obstacles accurately to reach each corner of the house.

Dual Functionality

Do you look for the vacuum machine with both sweep and mop? Here is the solution for you. The newly-launched V10 Max provides a dual operating system to sweep and mop your home at the same time. It embeds water tank and the dustbin of 450ML and 400ML capacity, respectively.

Best Chinese vacuum cleaner


Lots of advanced controlling options are there with the new Alfawise V10 Max cleaner. It supports mobile app, voice control and remote control as well. Now, home cleaning is fun at all.

Alfawise Vacuum cleaner


Internally, the V10 Max smart robot vacuum cleaner bears a 4500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery. The charging time and working time are 2 hours and 3-4 hours, respectively.

Alfawise V10 Max vacuum cleaner Other Features

In other specifications, the cleaning machine has a virtual wall, 32 sets of sensors, 3-level speed adjustment, 2200pa suction power, tangle-free design, multi-functional cleaning brush, scheduling and some others.

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