Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro version is Here

Xiaomi released the “Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro” home camera, upgraded large aperture lens, 3 million cameras, supports 2K HD recording, and supports smarter and more powerful AI human tracking technology, and has a two-way noise reduction microphone and Bluetooth gateway function , Compared to the sale version inside and outside.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro shape is generally different from the listed gimbals. It is changed to an integrated bucket cylinder. It looks a little clumsy. It can be installed in a formal or inverted position and used anywhere. The dual-motor gimbal design is used inside, which supports 360 ° horizontal viewing angle rotation and 118 ° vertical viewing angle. The camera rotation can be easily controlled through the Mijia APP.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

Upgrade 3 million ultra-high-definition camera inside, support 2304×1296 resolution HD recording, clearer than the standard version of 2 MP 1080p recording. At the same time, the lens is also fully upgraded. The F1.4 large-aperture 6MP lens is used inside, and the amount of incoming light is significantly improved. Even in low light, it can capture the details of the picture, effectively reduce the light loss rate, and make the image clearer and more transparent. In addition, it also enhances night vision shooting performance, built-in 940nm infrared fill light, night vision without red exposure, with high-sensitivity graphics sensor, also can display color images under low light.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

Built-in dual noise reduction microphone, support active noise reduction and two-way voice real-time calls. Support mobile phones, tablets, Xiao Ai touch smart speakers and Xiaomi TV to view images, of which Xiaomi TV also supports picture-in-picture display, you can watch real-time video recording while watching TV. Another intimate feature is that when you do n’t need video recording, you can usually turn off the power, but Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro can be physically shielded with one key, allowing the camera to automatically rotate down to hide the camera, thereby protecting privacy.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

Support AI human shape detection, which is not available in the PTZ version 2K and the ordinary version. It can intelligently identify objects and people or animals through algorithms, and can quickly identify human silhouettes. When encountering thieves or strangers, it will be automatically sent to the mobile phone remotely on. In addition, there is AI face recognition technology, based on Xiaomi face recognition technology, which can be rotated to mark the identity of family and friends. When the friend next visits, the camera will automatically recognize the distinction prompt.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro support 2.4G / 5G dual-band wireless, built-in Bluetooth gateway, can achieve intelligent linkage, and can be connected with other Mijia smart devices Lotus Lotus East. Storage method, it provides three modes of storage: local, NAS and cloud storage. It is worth mentioning that, supporting H.265 video encoding technology, viewing video will save more bandwidth, and video storage capacity also takes up less.

Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro

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Where to buy Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro security camera?

Currently the Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Pro is not available for global market and is only available
on youpin platform. We will update the article as soon it will hit the stores.

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