Buy Autel EVO II Dual GPS 8K Camera RC Drone For Just $1,649.99 (Coupon Deal)

The most capable folding drone on the planet is nowhere. Autel EVO II is brilliant at being the first collapsible drone capable of recording video in 8K, and the price level should even be at the low end, allowing new drone pilots to join as well. The EVO 2 is equipped with an 8K camera capable of 48MP stills. The Autel EVO II features the longest battery life of any foldable drone available (up to 40-minutes of flight time). With a top speed of 45mph and up to 9km range, you can now go further and faster.

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The Autel EVO II has stayed true to the design, featuring a bright orange outer mask that’s just the same as that on the original EVO and its predecessor, X-Star Premium. However, that’s basically the only thing that remains the same and it is collected quite easily, allowing it to fold parts of its body to be much easier to store, handle and transport. EVO 2 PRO Foldable regardless of the version chosen, the EVO II Pro measures, once deployed, 424 mm long by 354 mm wide and 110 mm high. When folded, it measures 228 mm long, 133 mm wide and always 110 mm high. The three chassis being identical (only the sensor changes), these measurements will be too. Their weight is between 1,127 grams (standard version).

The Autel Evo is one of the most well-designed drones on the market today and boasts hardware to match. Being a robotics engineer, I’m naturally just as interested in the design as well as the software of a product like this. Starting with portability, the Evo is foldable, and I found folding and unfolding it to be a pretty simple task. In typical drone fashion, it features a propeller on each corner.

Experience the current bleeding edge of video resolution with the EVO II 8K Drone from Autel Robotics. With an 8K camera payload, the Autel EVO II 8K can capture video at up to 7680 x 4320 resolution (8000 x 6000 stills). This lets you make prints up to 100? wide, punch in, crop, and scale images with great detail, and capture stunning hi-res screenshots from your footage. Control your drone up to 9km away. Not all users will ever need to travel this far. But a longer range, also means a stronger signal, keeping you connected in crowded urban environments and thick forests.

Using the same 12 computer vision sensors keeping you safe. EVO II can navigate itself in all directions while avoiding obstacles. Giving you the flexibility to control the drone how you want, while giving you the option to turn on an aerial film crew at the tap of a button. The Autel EVO II drone provides high-end specifications and abilities well beyond videography and photography. The 7100mAh battery lets it fly for up to 40 minutes at a time, the motors can fly in Ludicrous Speed mode at up to 44.8 mph, and you can transmit HD footage back to the controller’s 3.3? OLED screen from up to 5.6 miles away. While flying and tracking, 12-sensor omnidirectional obstacle avoidance is coupled with a dual-core processor and AI machine learning to let the EVO II navigate itself around the environment safely, while still getting the shot.

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Coupon Code: 4P5E8G7U

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