OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime: Best Smartwatch Phone?

Which is the Best Smartwatch with SIM?

The OUKITEL Z32 and Kospet Prime are currently the best smartwatches with calling features or as we say the “smartwatch phone or the standalone smartwatch.” But this leads to a confusion of which Smartwatch to choose between the OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime? Thus, we would like to take it as our responsibility and put both these excellent smartwatches to test. We’ll compare these standalone smartwatches in terms of fitness features, design, and of course, battery performance. Continue scrolling for the comparison article on Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32.

Comparison of OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime

Which offers better health and fitness tracking?

OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime

Both the OUKITEL Z32 & the Kospet Prime are fairly consistent as a fitness tracker. There are a wide variety of fitness features on both the smartwatches from indoor running to rope skipping.

Although one important feature that is left out on both these smartwatches is that they fail to auto-detect when you do some sort of workout. Thus, you will have to navigate to the respective fitness features every time you start a workout in both models- Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32.

The best part of these smartwatches is that you don’t need a smartphone to track your exercise. The distance covered in the run to your calories burnt will be measured standalone by the watch itself. Also, luckily both these smartwatches offer inbuilt GPS technology. This technology makes it more likely for fitness freaks to choose either of these smartwatches. As they both have the ability to provide you the most accurate track of metrics such as distance, speed, and pace. The Smartwatch has nine sports modes as well in both the models- OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime.

Which one is a better standalone smartwatch?

Kospet Prime vs Oukitel Z32

Compared to a typical smartwatch, both of these players tend to support 4G nano-SIM card, which allows you to use them as a standalone smartwatch. This means you don’t necessarily need a smartphone along with you. You can make calls either through the inbuilt speaker or using a Bluetooth earbud in both models- Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32.

One noticeable glitch is the lag I experienced between the call ringing on my phone and get notified on the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone. But on the other hand, it was super instantaneous on the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone. Although this has to do something with software optimization.

Both the smartwatches give you the superpower to respond to messages and make calls from anywhere even without a smartphone. However, it definitely becomes hideous when you use the inbuilt receiver or the speaker in both the models- OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime. Thus it is better to take the help of a Bluetooth earbud to have a better and smooth call experience.

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Operating System!

It is really a hard deal to compare between the Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32 as they both share almost the same features and the tech running them. Both smartwatches once again share the same Android 7.1.1 OS. Which is typically the best thing about these smartwatches.

It’s a bit modded from the Stock Android Wear. You can just do anything that you would do on your smartphone from making calls to checking google maps or listening to music. The power of this operating system tends to bring all the abilities of your smartphone to your wrist. So once again it’s a clean tie on both the ends – OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime.


When it comes to the hardware, they both have a similar chip without any difference between the OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime. Both the Smartwatches have the MTK6739 quad-core processor. Similarly, they have the same RAM and ROM size. The Smartwatch has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage in both the models- Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32. The internal storage is sufficient to store several songs, videos, and apps in both of the Smartwatches.

Swiping through the OS was super smooth on both the Smartwatches. Especially switching between apps was way cleaner and faster on the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone. I did a quick Google surf and a map search while playing music; all of that was buttery smooth. Undoubtedly, both the Smartwatches are powerhouses. A slight advantage is that the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone has a well-optimized firmware and definitely better-looking watch faces.

Battery life

There is only a difference in the battery size between the OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime. OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone has a 900 mAh battery, whereas the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone equips a 1260 mAh battery. The real deal lies in battery life, with both Smartwatches claiming to provide a battery life of 48 hours. However, I found that the battery life only lasts for 24 hours in the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone with Bluetooth turned on. In contrast, the battery life of the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone did last for at least two days while Bluetooth was switched on. In standby mode, the battery life lasts for 168 hours. Thus, the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone has the edge over OUKITEL Z32 in the comparison of Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32.

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Which one looks cool and durable?

smartwatch with sim

The obvious difference when it comes to the design between the Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32 is the placement of the cameras. The Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone carries one of the most unique placements for a camera that we’ve seen on any smartwatch phone. Despite the fact it looks better, the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone still draws a downfall. The placement leads to certain discomfort while trying to get a perfectly well-aligned selfie. It’s certainly something that requires a bit of practice to get used to. But honestly, this placement does make the Kospet Prime standout.

Now, if you look away from that, you might find the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone to looks premium and stylish. The materials used to give you this soft matte touch which is not cheap, and the weight adds to the durability of this Smartwatch. Nevertheless, the Kospet Prime Smartwatch phone, on the other hand, is also really reliable when it comes to building quality. But just on the first touch and look at the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone catches your eyes. In terms of display, it is similar in both models- OUKITEL Z32 vs Kospet Prime. They both have a 1.6-inch display with a resolution of 400×400 pixels.

Verdict: Which is the Best Smartwatch Phone?

standalone smartwatch

It’s hard to choose a winner between the Kospet Prime vs OUKITEL Z32. Both the Smartwatches are brilliant, and they almost resemble each other. Apart from the resemblance, they share similar characteristics as well, including the display, hardware, OS, and camera. Both of these Smartwatches run on Android, giving you access to the Google Play Store, which has numerous apps.

When it comes to performance, it is tremendous in both the smartwatches providing users with a great experience. Although both the smartwatches are great, the OUKITEL Z32 Smartwatch phone is $10 cheaper but I honestly don’t think that’s a major advantage. But on the other hand despite the fact that the Kospet Prime is a little heavier it still looks so much better than the Oukitel Z32. The battery life is the only criteria where the Kospet Prime beats the Oukitel Z32 Smartwatch.

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