ABIR X5 vs X6 vs X8 Comparison of robotic vacuum cleaners

The Chinese company ABIR is a newcomer to the market of robotic vacuum cleaners, which offers devices with a modest price tag, which are sold exclusively at the Gearbest site. Models by design and functional characteristics are not bad, equipped with a lidar, camera or gyroscope, with wet cleaning and the construction of a map, which can be viewed in the application.

Below in the article I will briefly talk about the distinctive features, intellectual and technical capabilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of ABIR robots.

The lineup

In 2019, the company launched 3 middle-class models on the market – ABIR X5, X6 and X8.

Function Name ABIR X5 ABIR X6 ABIR X8
Battery capacity (mAh) 2600 2600 3200
Working time (min) 100 100 120
Charging Time (min) 180-240 240 240
Rated power (W) N / a N / a N / a
Cleaning Features
Suction power (Pa) 2500 2500 2500
Cleaning Area (sq. M) 150 150 200
Noise level (dB) 50 50 50
Side brushes (qty) 2 2 2
Turbo brush there is there is there is
Recommended Home Size Small, medium Small, medium Medium large
Cleaning modes auto, spot, on schedule, mopping automatic, point, perimeter automatic, point, perimeter
Trash can capacity (ml) 600 600 600
Automatic dirt removal (self-cleaning) No No No
Wet cleaning there is there is there is
Water tank capacity (ml) 360 360 360
Fence Height (mm) 18 20 20
HEPA filter there is there is there is
Washable filter N / a there is there is
Types of Carpets low and medium pile low and medium pile low and medium pile
Types of floors Wooden floor, carpet, marble, tile parquet, tile, laminate, linoleum parquet, tile, laminate, linoleum
Cartographer Sensor Type Gyroscope Camera Lds
Carpet detection No No N / a
Drop / break sensor there is there is there is
Dirt detection No No No
Container full indicator No No No
Navigation and control
Cartography / Route Planning there is there is there is
High precision map No No there is
Planning there is there is there is
IR remote control there is there is there is
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App there is there is there is
Wi-Fi Frequency (GHz) 2.4 2.4 2,4
Amazon Alexa Support there is there is there is
Google Assistant Support there is there is there is
Magnetic / Optical Virtual Walls No No No
Application features
Digital Locked Area No there is there is
Zone cleaning No No there is
Saving a room map No there is there is
Manual robot control there is there is there is
Room cleaning No No there is
Additional functions
Recharge and resume cleaning No there is there is
Automatic return to charging dock there is there is there is
Voice prompts there is there is there is
Other specifications
LCD No No No
Dimensions (mm) 330x330x76 330x330x76 330x330x100
Weight, kg) 3.3 3.3 3.3
Kit charging base, adapter, dust collector, water tank, turbo brush, remote control, cleaning tool, filter, side brushes, instructions charging base, adapter, dust collector, water tank, turbo brush, remote control, cleaning tool, filter, side brushes, instructions charging base, adapter, dust collector, water tank, turbo brush, remote control, cleaning tool, filter, side brushes, instructions
Price, $194.85 $225.13 $368.64



The youngest model of the X-series ABIR is a functional robot that performs wet and dry cleaning, and is also able to clean low-pile carpets. The design is nothing special that can distinguish the device from the rest: a black tablet case with a circular pattern on the front panel and two control buttons.

Among the working tools for dry cleaning, ABIR X5 has: two end brushes with hair cutters, a combined turbo brush with carpet winding protection and a NIDEC brushless motor with a suction force of up to 2500 Pa. The robotic assistant processes the room in zigzag passages with a return to the untreated areas, can clean the perimeter of the room, moving along the baseboards, and performs local cleaning along a converging and diverging spiral within 1 meter. The collected garbage is sent to a bulky 600 ml container equipped with a strainer and a paper filter. For wet cleaning, the robot is equipped with a separate 360 ml container with an electronic wetting control system. The gyroscope and infrared sensors are responsible for spatial orientation.

The ABIR X5 robot supports synchronization with a smartphone and maps the room in real time, but, in addition to standard management functions, the ABIR X5 also includes the execution of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistant commands. Of the other differences, the nominal cross-country ability, which is 18 mm for the ABIR X5, should be noted. The declared battery life of ABIR is 100 minutes, while the 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. At the moment, ABIR X5 can be taken at a discount of about $194.85.



The new model is an upgraded version of ABIR X5 with functionality brought to the level. If you do not take into account the small recess on the front panel in which the panoramic camera was installed, from a visual point of view, the new X6 is no different from the previous model.

Compared to the previous model, working accessories remained unchanged – the same petal-bristled turbo brush, thoughtful design side brushes (the quality of the panicles leaves much to be desired) and a 2500 Pa engine. The design of the dust collector and the module for wet cleaning have not changed either. A key improvement of the robot is associated with the navigation system: now ABIR is guided by the terrain using a video camera. Thanks to the Quartic RSCI processor, the vacuum cleaner distinguishes the outlines of the walls, according to which it determines the layout of the room and divides it into rooms. If the robot did not manage to finish the cleaning due to the battery exhaustion, it will leave for the base, and then it will return and resume work from the control point.

Nominal battery efficiency (2600 mAh) 100 minutes. The price for a robotic assistant is $225.13.



When developing robotic vacuum cleaners, ABIR adheres to a strict conservative line: the only sign by which the X8 model can be distinguished from the X6 model is the lidar washer protruding above the body, the rest of the design is completely identical.

In technical terms, there have been no changes compared to the previous model range of the manufacturer: a universal turbo brush, end brushes and an engine with a suction force of 2500 Pa do an excellent job of collecting hair, sand and small stones in a dust collector with a volume of 600 ml. The only difference is the new 3200 mAh battery. In the technological aspects of the work of innovations much more. Thanks to laser navigation, ABIR X8 learned to build a high-precision map of the room, the interactivity of which reached the level of premium models – in the presence of full-fledged cleaning zoning. In addition, the robot acquired a TOF sensor, which allowed it to move along the wall without constantly feeling it with a tactile bumper.

As for the wet cleaning technology – ABIR X8 – it rides like a “snake” in the old way, carrying a wet rag. The price is $549.64 in 2020.

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