Abir X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offered For $225.13

Abir X6  a modern robot vacuum cleaner of the middle price segment, is designed for dry and wet cleaning the house. It is designed for use on all types of flooring (wet cleaning is carried out only on smooth hard floors), and is equipped with a camera to scan the room and build its map for further selection of the optimal travel route. In addition, the robot is characterized by high suction power and the ability to control through the application for a smartphone, which is not provided for in all inexpensive devices. ABIR X6


All important characteristics of Abir X6 are summarized in the table:

Type of cleaning Dry and wet
Source of power 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery
Working hours 120 minutes
Charging time 240-300 minutes
Cleaning area up to 150 m 2
Suction power 1800-2500 Pa
Overcoming Thresholds Up to 18 mm
Dust collector type Cyclone Filter (without bag)
Dust collector capacity 600 ml
Water tank capacity 360 ml
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 76
Noise level 50 db


The robot is delivered in a traditional shipping cardboard box with a schematic representation of the device itself and its name. Inside the protective box is another one – branded with a plastic handle. It contains a brief description of the features of the Abir X6, as well as its main functions and parameters.


Opening the internal box of the Abir X6 robot vacuum cleaner, we see a set of instructions and manuals with bright printing, as well as a quick guide to quick setup with a QR code for the ability to download a mobile application. Further, the remaining components are already laid

Abir X6 Package Content:

What is included in the package in addition to the accompanying documentation:

  1. Vacuum cleaner robot.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Network adapter
  4. Two pairs of side brushes.
  5. Dust collector.
  6. Water tank.
  7. A pair of microfiber cloths.
  8. Spare HEPA filter.

It is worth noting that the remote control and the motion limiter are not included in the components of the robot cleaner, however, in general, they are not of great need due to the possibility of control via the application.


Abir X6 Robot vacuum cleaner made of matte black and glossy plastic. The shape of the device when viewed from above is round.  looks very dignified and stylish.

On the front panel are the power and return buttons to the docking station and a small recess with a camera for scanning the room. The surface of the top cover is glossy; a pattern is provided on it. Due to this, settling dust is not so visible on the case.


View from above

On the side of the robot is a soft protective bumper, a mechanical Abir X6 vacuum cleaner power on / off switch, a connector for the network adapter, a button for removing the trash can, and exhaust openings on both sides of it.

Side view

When viewing the robot vacuum cleaner from the back, you can see the side modular wheels, the swivel front wheel, the contact group for installation and automatic recharging at the base, the battery compartment, side brushes and a turbo brush.


Bottom view

Thanks to the installed running gear, the Abir X6 robot vacuum cleaner is able to overcome various obstacles and thresholds up to 18 millimeters high.

The battery in the Abir X6 uses a lithium-ion capacity of 2600 mAh, which provides battery life for two hours. At the same time, the device will be able to clean a room area of ??up to 150 m 2 on a single battery charge .


I would like to separately note the high suction power of the robot vacuum cleaner from 1800 to 2500 Pa, which can be configured through the smartphone application.

Abir X6 Functionality

Despite the low cost, the Abir X6 robot vacuum cleaner provides navigation through the built-in camera, which allows you to build a room map and remember already taken places so as not to pass them twice.

Building a room map


The robot can perform both dry and wet cleaning. However, at the same time he will not be able to do this, only in turn. Abir X6 equally efficiently cleans wood floors, stone, tiles, linoleum, laminate and carpets. In this he is helped by two side brushes and a central turbo brush. The collected garbage is sent through the suction port to a dust collector with a filtration system. The volume of the dust bag is 600 milliliters, which is a lot, so cleaning it after each cleaning cycle is not necessary.


The water tank has a capacity of 360 milliliters and is equipped with a pump that allows you to dispense the flow of liquid to the napkin during cleaning and to limit its flow when the Abir X6 robot vacuum does not move and does not clean the floor. The fluid supply volume can be adjusted in 3 levels. The wet cleaning speed can also be adjusted in the mobile application.


Advantages and disadvantages


  1. The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  2. Stylish modern design.
  3. Large cleaning area.
  4. Patency, maneuverability.
  5. High suction power, the possibility of its regulation.
  6. Customizable modes of operation.
  7. Good dust bag capacity.
  8. Wet cleaning.
  9. Smart tank for water.
  10. Navigation through the installed camera.

No particular flaws were found, given the functionality and price.

Where to buy Abir X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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