Is the Air Purifier Capable of Filtering the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

It is needless to say how coronavirus is destroying the human lives throughout the globe. In such a short span of time (around 4 months), it has swallowed over 14000 humans in different countries and the number is on the rise. People are isolated at home with an afraid to being caught by the virus germs outside. Meanwhile, air purifiers are the machines people use in homes to filter or clean the air. So, the question arises, does the air purifier possess the ability to filter this dreadful coronavirus out of the air?

Why Xiaomi Air purifier is better for Corona Virus?

Well, most of the air purifiers currently available on the market are based on the filter screen and purification theme. Their prime motive is to filter the air through filter screen and pump it out of the nozzle. If the diameter of the filter is less than the diameter of the microorganism, the required pollutant will be filtered out.

For this purpose, the most commonly used filter is the HEPA filter. It is made of very thin mesh that helps to capture the minor particles and small pore size in the air. Hence, it ensures higher purification efficiency with the 99.97% of purification rate of 0.3-micron particles. The exact system is applied in the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier.

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Accordingly, some air Filters with H13 grade HEPA filters have been verified. They can filter out the H1N1 virus, which has the similar diameter as that of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Therefore, it should work to some extent to filter the novel coronavirus out.

Moreover, if any purifier features the ozone/ultraviolet/anion sterilization along with the high-efficiency filtration system, then it can damage the viruses and bacteria. However, it is yet to prove officially that air purifiers can catch and kill the COVID-19 virus.

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